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    Open & Play

    Model Young Package 2017

    Winning Concepts

    More than 700 students and young designers from 57 countries competed this year. The topic of the Young Package 2017 was Open & Play. Young designers were creating a package you would like to play with. They designed an interactive package box and they should prove that even protective packaging can be fun.

    University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age

    Concepts by university students and designers of up to 30 years of age.

    This year the jury agreed on the winner unanimously. Kateřina Puncmannová has designed not only a package, but chiefly a concept that could be brought into production immediately. The package is characterized by distinctive, playful graphics and minimal waste material. The designer has devised a package for a paintbrush, which can be transformed via simple assembly into a cap that protects the brush from getting dirty. According to the jurors, this succinct and practical design has a great marketing potential.

    According to words of jurors the visionary work occupied the second place. The package becomes a kind of unit that calls for playfulness. The design allows folding and geometry play. This milk package made by a Hungarian designer is desvised primarily for children and also has a social aspect. The whole design motivates the merger with other packages, thus it has gained overlap, potential and recognition of the jury.

    The package re:PLAY is a game in itself; classic paper, nuts and bolts form an intricate jigsaw puzzle that hides various tools. The work resembles the Czech Merkur kit, but in a paper version. Among other things the jury was attracted by the unusual combination of paper and metal screws. The package has several layers, so that the unpacking process is full of discovery of new objects and materials.

    A sunflower seed package that transforms into a birdfeeder. The work of this Hungarian designer engaged the jury not only through its graphic design, but also in the detail of its sophisticated structure –  the transformation into the feeder is simple and intuitive. Awarded the CZECHDESIGN Prize.

    The manufacture of this work is the highest in its category. The package for soccer boots which turns into a small soccer field is printed using commercial polygraphic technology. In addition to this, simple graphics and a pure and thoughtful design also captivated the jury. The designers from Canada have designed an innovative package at a professional level.

    High schools

    Concepts by students of secondary and tertiary schools from 15 years of age.

    A hexagonal box with an interesting construction – it is equipped with a broken wall thanks to which the package is not torn or damaged during opening and closing. The work also includes a paper box cover, that can display different graphics for limited editions. The package can also be used as dice, fulfilling the Open and Play topic.

    Anna Dvořáková has designed a package that serves as a board game. Milk bottles figure as the playing pieces, and after unpacking, we can immediately start a game without generating any waste. Minimalist and clear graphics correspond very well to the product which the package protects.

    The jury appreciated not only the graphic design, but also the choice of materials and package purpose. Primarily, an elastic holds a shoe box closed. Secondly, it acts as a separate object, as an elastic rope for skipping. This colour-matching concept has earned third place in the category of High School Students.

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