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    Model Young Package 2016

    Winning Concepts

    Create a package with secondary use

    We are looking for imaginative, multi-functional and detailed packages that can be used for several purposes. Create an innovative package and show how packaging doesn’t have to end up in the trash. Think of a package that blooms after use, a special pencil case, or a package that becomes part of the product after opening. Create an imaginative and thoughtful package for your favourite product, which could be used for better handling of the product after unpacking, or be used for decoration. Discover the possibilities of paper! Create a package so graphically eye-catching, that nobody would want to throw it away. Take time exploring design solutions and finding additional packaging functions!

    University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age

    Concepts by university students and designers of up to 30 years of age.

    Through a simple and clever solution, the package can be converted into a wastepaper bin, thereby making significant material savings. The secondary function of the package is absolutely natural, the transformation is very easy, the wastepaper bin is ready for use. Compared to other packages this one clearly stands out. It is not just a vision or an idea, but a fait accompli. Matěj Peca has entered a conceptually sound work with very good graphics and an emphasis on detail.

    Marian Čižnár’s package attracted us mostly by its easy transformation into a new product. The upper part of the package can be easily removed and inserted under the lower part, which then turns into a stand for knives. This work gained second place for both delicately designed graphics and the construction aspect.

    In this case, the jury appreciateed a completely different and new approach to paper. Thanks to new technological possibilities we can think of paper as a material that can hold water, to replace plastic and still be recyclable. The designer of this entry combined the secondary function of packaging in the form of table tennis bats, so that the package becomes fun. The package of impregnated paper material is characterized by balanced graphics, which fully correspond to the shape and character of the package.

    The designer has invented a practical solution for carrying home our favorite book. By a simple transformation, we can create a book cover that will offer protection, and privacy. The package is completed not only by the idea, but also graphically.

    High schools

    Concepts by students of secondary and tertiary schools from 15 years of age.

    GeoFood fulfils the competition brief precisely. The jury appreciates not only the secondary functions, but also the value and potential of the concept. The package with well-mastered graphics has an aesthetic, decorative, but also an informative function. It serves as a map, and can be a nice souvenir for tourists visiting Prague. The multiple-use package preserves simplicity and via a similar method many other products could be packaged.

    Valerie Kropáčová’s work with materials is the main feature – in particular – baking paper. The baking paper forms the bottom part of the package and it is obvious that is used in the right place. Once the package has fulfiled its function, it can be easily used for baking. The paper size corresponds to a larger baking sheet. Simple graphics are in accordance with the character of the product. The package also includes a small recipe card, which also serves as package strengthening.

    The packaging is based on a very simple and playful idea, which attracted the jury immediately. The graphics are minimalist and convincing at the same time. You can put the bag on your head without losing orientation. The designer has managed to move the boundaries of an existing package without any technical intervention, and adds an entertaining feature.

    This work is an example of environment-friendly packaging. Nikola Kolářová has created a package for seeds which doesn’t have to end up in the trash, but can be planted. The seeds are pressed directly into the paper with the addition of natural fertilizers. The package decomposes in the soil and does not develop any excess material. This work with its simple and clear graphics, helps to grow more plants.

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