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    Take Away

    Model Young Package 2014

    Winning Concepts

    Originally, a term TAKE AWAY was related to packaging of meal from fast food. However, today it isn’t only about quick lifestyle and junk food. Every producer or seller, who want to be up to date, offer take away too. Almost every restaurant, café or shop provide take away service of food and other things. The question of this year’s competition is: How to pack it nicely, originally and functionally at the same time?

    Designed packages should ease customer’s life. After all it is true that the package is part of an impression we usually gain from product– excatly according to the mottos clothing creates a person and package sells. We are looking for that kind of „TAKE AWAY“ packages, which will be original and functional at the same time. That kinds of package, which can help carry things from shop to home- nice package for clothes, which can be use for instance also as a wrapping paper, an ingenious package of six bottles of beer or clever package for fragile vase.

    University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age

    Concepts by university students and designers of up to 30 years of age.

    The bowl created from bio-degradable material not only carries food but also acts as a container for seed planting. Plant seeds are enclosed under a label on the lid of the bowl and once the bowl has been used for food, it can be filled with soil and the seeds planted inside. After germination, the bowl, together with the seedlings can be planted in the ground outside. The concept for using a bowl, something which is usually used only for the transfer of food, is brought further – towards plant growing. The user doesn’t take just food, but also the future. He is motivated to continue the story. Where other packages end and harm, this one begins and hopefully, does good.

    Carefully constructed material that is hygienic, resistant and its firmness is adapted to the purpose of a vessel for the safe picking up of syringes. The graphic design of the vessel is specifically for people who work with addicts and is highly-developed for use. The designer wasn’t afraid of this unpopular task, she has analysed the situation and subsequently solved it.

    The story of this package is bound up with peculiar poetics. It begins when you buy some food and it goes on until the moment when you make your own personal dining experience out of the package at home, like being in a garden or making a connection with somebody close. The food becomes a ritual, a highly aesthetic experience similar to a tea ceremony.

    This package reacts to common visuals and bistro/fast food packaging. It is an elegant solution with stylish graphic processing. The compact package can turn into large bowl in a moment. This bowl is suitable for outside consumption. Overall enjoyment is emphasized by the witty wordplay. The makeshift bowl is easily closed with a toothpick, which can be used after finishing your meal.

    A simple and minimalist package which respects the routine function of transporting aquarium fish, it also deals with the inconvenience and complexity of their transfer. The transport of fish becomes more convenient and handy thanks to the fixation of a plastic bag via a knot within a three-layer cardboard package. The package is simple, easily reproducible and the fish and their owners are happy.

    The problem of take away packages is that they are redundant usually after use. This paper „carrier“ made from smooth and firm cardboard allows three cups to be carried in one hand and then it turns into simple and amusing Frisbee. The slots used for grasping and positioning the cups are also the main aerodynamic elements necessary for the Frisbee to fly.

    High schools

    Concepts by students of secondary and tertiary schools from 15 years of age.

    A travel package for a single portion of dog food and water = the essence of TAKE AWAY. It deals with the situation of when a dog accompanies his owner out of the home and it is necessary to take away dog food too. The packaging is processed at a professional level, very compelling and graphically balanced. The package is portable, storable and reusable.

    Simple incisions in a standard plastic bowl from a Chinese bistro surprisingly create a pagoda shape that symbolizes Asian culture.

    If you want to keep your shoes in shape, a classic shoe rack is not the perfect choice. The Shoe Cabinet package elevates an ordinary shoe box on a high-class bracket, which provides a safe place for luxurious pieces of footwear thanks to its two-part layout. It is also possible to build the shoe rack from unfolded boxes or it can be used for storing other things, if you suspend the boxes. A regular box becomes something more, not only usable, but also practical and pleasing.

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