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    The passion for packaging of our employees is the reason for our long existence.

    Always energizing and inciting

    The Model Group does not have employees: it has partners.

    We are home to strong individuals who forge connections by working together to create our vision and make it a reality. This unifying goal is the inspiration behind all our activities and is our most precious asset.

    It turns our employees into partners, ensuring everyone takes personal responsibility for their own actions.

    Our ambition and goals

    We protect, challenge and support

    Professional occupational safety is a cornerstone of successful, people-focused companies. That is why we do everything we can to avoid accidents and occupational illness.

    We offer targeted support to talented employees and offer further development opportunities, coaching, and training while supporting and encouraging personal responsibility.

    Our employees know the importance and value of their contribution to ensure we reach our goals. For us, trust is a form of capital, and the best way to grow it is with honesty.

    «By 2030, all employees who want to be supported will be supported.»

    By 2030, we want to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace across the entire group.

    • To achieve this, we have deployed the ISO 45001 occupational safety system at every Model Group site.
    • Our new concept for handling hazardous substances is also part of this.

    Our actions

    MODEL Your Dreams

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reflects companies' social commitment to stakeholders and local communities.


    For years, Model Opakowania in Poland has actively embraced CSR. Initiatives like the «MODEL Your Dreams» competition, running since 2013 in Biłgoraj and since 2016 in Czosnów, inspire young talents.


    Over 150 participants have found motivation and support, propelling them toward promising futures.

    Trust and safety in focus

    Regular training, ongoing process reviews, and error analysis underpin safety. Our Model Lean System unifies employees into a self-audited safety and management framework.


    Accidents and near-misses are documented and analyzed. 'GEMBA walks' (GEMBA is a Japanese term meaning ‘the actual place’, ‘the real place’ or ‘the place where value is created’) identify workplace risks.


    ISO 45001 certification is pursued, with a focus on occupational safety and machine operation.

    Young people are the future

    In 2021, we trained 59 apprentices and were by their side as they entered the world of work. At the Model Group, an appealing working environment, top-quality training, and exciting internships lay the foundation for the talent of the future.


    Find more information about our apprenticeships.

    The career boost you need

    We prioritize employee training and development. Regular hands-on coaching sharpens specialist and manager skills. We empower young talents with projects within established boundaries.


    Generational knowledge-sharing is prevalent: some of our colleagues have been working for our company for 20 years or more.


    For expertise gaps, we support external training through our employer-financed foundation, providing nearly EUR 1 million in assistance in 2020.

    What's next?

    Our pillars of sustainability 

    Discover more about the components that form our sustainability strategy.


    Explore more about sustainable topics

    CDP rating

    Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

    Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

    Press releases Sustainability
    Recognition for CSR efforts

    Awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Medal

    Model Kramp receives an excellent rating from EcoVadis for CSR efforts. 

    Awards Sustainability
    Reducing CO₂ emissions – with science-based targets by 2030

    SBTi: Climate-neutral packaging

    The Model Group sets clear targets for reducing emissions in its own value chain.