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    In short, we delegate responsibility.

    To every single person.

    The Model Group does not have employees: it has partners. We are home to strong individuals who forge connections by working together to create our vision and make it a reality. This unifying goal is the inspiration behind all our activities and is our most precious asset. It turns our employees into partners, ensuring everyone takes personal responsibility for their own actions.

    At a glance

    940 175

    have been invested in training and professional development in 2020.


    apprentices were trained in 2020 and we were by their side as they entered the world of work.


    full-time employees were subjected to an external audit since 2017 through an occupational health and safety system.

    1. Our ambition

    We protect, challenge and support

    Professional occupational safety is a cornerstone of successful, people-focused companies. That is why we do everything we can to avoid accidents and occupational illness.

    We offer targeted support to talented employees and offer further development opportunities, coaching, and training while supporting and encouraging personal responsibility.

    Our employees know the importance and value of their contribution to ensure we reach our goals. For us, trust is a form of capital, and the best way to grow it is with honesty.

    "By 2030, all employees who want to be supported will be supported."

    2. Our actions

    Safety does not mean anything...

    ...if you do not trust anyone. That is why we carry out regular training sessions on occupational safety, review corporate processes on an ongoing basis and analyze systematic errors

    We use the Model Lean System across our factories. This involves the integration of all our employees into an internally audited occupational safety and management system, with every accident and near-miss registered and analyzed. Plus, our employees come forward immediately if they notice a safety issue.

    We carry out regular ‘GEMBA walks’, where we identify risks in the workplace. GEMBA is a Japanese term meaning ‘the actual place’, ‘the real place’ or ‘the place where value is created’.

    We are working towards certification of all our factories under ISO 45001. Occupational safety plays a big role in this; for example, correct operation of machines.

    Young people are the future

    In 2020, we trained 65 apprentices and were by their side as they entered the world of work. At the Model Group, an appealing working environment, top-quality training, and exciting internships lay the foundation for the talent of the future.


    Find more information about our apprenticeships.

    The career boost you need

    We set great store by our employees’ training and professional development. We undertake regular hands-on coaching sessions to hone the skillsets of our specialists and managers.

    We entrust projects to our young, talented employees so they can prove themselves within a fixed framework. In turn, young workers at every company within the Model Group can draw on the knowledge of many generations of employees: some of our colleagues have been working for our company for 20 years or more.

    And if we do not have the necessary expertise ourselves, we help our employees take up external training and professional development opportunities with funds from our employer-financed foundation. In 2020, we offered assistance to the tune of almost EUR 1 million.

    Time or money

    Since 2018, we have been testing out our new employee program ModelFlex at various locations. Depending on each employee’s personal preferences and life situation, they are free to choose whether to enjoy additional days’ holiday each year or an increase of their gross salary.

    3. Our goals

    What we want to achieve

    By 2030, we want to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace across the entire group.

    • To achieve this, we have deployed the ISO 45001 occupational safety system at every Model Group site.
    • Our new concept for handling hazardous substances is also part of this.

    GRI information

    Documenting GRI indicators

    This report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and aligns the key aspects of the GRI with the four pillars of the Model Group’s sustainability strategy.

    GRI 403-1 – 403-8

    Occupational safety and health

    GRI 404-2

    Education and training

    To the next topic

    Strategy and Vision

    We do not want to deceive you. We want to set goals we can actually reach.


    Supply chain

    We stay with what we like. And we like exemplary partners.