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    Offset printing

    High-quality printing of solid or litho-laminated cardboard packaging with the possibility of a number of follow-up refinements.

    High quality packaging printing with refinement options

    Packaging printing using offset technology allows us to ensure the highest standard of printed product packaging. High quality printing allows you to stand out in the jungle of competing products on the shelves, not only for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronic or household products packaging.

    In addition to plain board packaging, we can extend our quality offset printing to laminated board packaging, which offers additional durability and load capacity for heavier goods. 

    Our capabilities include the application of UV varnish, embossing, metallic foil and other finishes suitable for luxury and secured packaging.

    Key features of offset printing

    True colour display

    Along with standard four-colour CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key/Black) printing, we can add any colour from the Pantone®  palette for an accurate visual result.

    Wide possibilities of refinement

    Take your packaging to the next level. Cold foil stamping, hot foil stamping, embossing, UV varnishing or even fragrance varnishing will give your product a multi-sensory experience.

    Top of the class printing

    We ensure quality printing on both virgin and recycled paper.

    The size of the print spot is smaller than in flexo printing, for example, and you can be sure of the highest level of detail.

    Packaging security and accessibility features

    We can enhance your product with unique features using offset printing. This is especially valuable for luxury or medical items. With offset printing on solid board, we can add special elements like holograms or Braille to your packaging, ensuring authenticity and accessibility for all consumers.

    Flexible packaging printing

    Offset allows us to continually change print motifs. When launching new series or limited editions of your products, you can avoid new initial costs.

    Which printing method is the best for your project?

    The choice of printing method depends on the specific specification of your packaging project.

    Do you know the primary purpose of your packaging? What quantities do you need to produce? What are the users' expectations? Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on the ideal solution for you.

    Solid & litho-laminated board

    Offset vs digital printing

    Consider Offset printing if:

    • You're dealing with larger volumes and can afford longer setup times.
    • Consistent high-quality color is a priority for your prints.
    • You require strict hygiene standards and a wide variety of format options, along with various refinements.
    • You're working on medium to high-volume projects and need reliable printing services with cost-effective solutions.

    Consider Digital printing if:

    • You're planning short runs and need quick turnaround times..
    • Precise color and detailed prints are important to you.
    • You want the flexibility to customize your prints and support for various formats up to B1.
    • You're working with a smaller budget or need economical solutions for small batches.
    Solid & litho-laminated board vs corrugated board

    Offset vs flexographic printing

    Consider Offset printing if:

    • You're willing to invest in longer setup times and higher initial costs, particularly for medium to high-volume printing projects.
    • High-quality, precise color, and consistency are crucial for your prints.
    • You prioritize top hygiene standards and have diverse printing needs.
    • Your projects involve medium to high-volume printing, and efficiency is key.

    Consider Flexographic printing if:

    • You prefer shorter setup times and lower initial costs, making it ideal for high-volume printing.
    • While it offers good quality, smaller range of colors and resolution might be acceptable for your needs.
    • You find it beneficial for multi-purpose packaging.
    • You're seeking cost-effective options for medium to high-volume printing jobs.

    Explore other printing methods we use at Model

    Flexographic printing

    High volume printing of corrugated packaging where strength and toughness are a priority.


    Digital printing

    Personalised printing with high flexibility and a wide range of colours.

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