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    Digital printing

    High print quality, UV varnish, varied paper types, low costs, offset-like productivity – ideal for packaging orders as low as one item.
    Large inkjet printer working multicolor cmyk on vinyl banner

    Customized packaging printing

    One or ten thousand boxes with the option of personalized printing, test series in small quantities, first or last production, promotions, limited editions, print mutations for minority markets or variable data applications. This and much more is offered by our new digital printer.  

    Digital printing will not only impress you with its quality, but also with its flexibility. By ordering exactly what you need, when you need it and in the quantities you actually need, you eliminate the risk of disposing of unused packaging. Digital printing fundamentally reduces storage costs and finance tied up in inventory.

    Discover our options for digital printing for corrugated, solid and litho-laminated board.

    Key features of digital printing

    Efficient and Sustainable Printing Technology

    The new printing technology minimizes waste and costs by eliminating printing plates, reducing preparation time, and printing exact quantities needed for short series. This approach also conserves resources like paper, water, and chemicals, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

    High resolution with crisp textures

    Precise and extremely efficient ink application allows you to create extremely round print points with very sharp edges, whether you want to print on coated or uncoated paper.

    95-96 % Pantone colors

    Our printer color palette covers 95-96 % of Pantone® colours – 50 % more than standard offset CMYK - and eliminates the need for spot colours, off-press colour mixing and ink-changing on press.

    Customized printing

    Each box in the order can have a different, unique design. This technology can be used for limited editions, prize codes or track and trace codes.

    One, or even ten thousand pieces

    Nanographic printing offers versatility without limitation of the minimum purchase quantity, ideal for short runs and limited series. With customization options like variable data printing and track and trace codes, it ensures personalized and secure packaging solutions.

    Which printing method is the best for your project?

    The choice of printing method depends on the specific specification of your packaging project.

    Do you know the primary purpose of your packaging? What quantities do you need to produce? What are the users' expectations? Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on the ideal solution for you.

    Solid & litho-laminated board

    Digital vs offset printing

    Consider Digital printing if:

    • You're planning short runs and need quick turnaround times..
    • Precise color and detailed prints are important to you.
    • You want the flexibility to customize your prints and support for various formats up to B1.
    • You're working with a smaller budget or need economical solutions for small batches.

    Consider Offset printing if:

    • You're dealing with larger volumes and can afford longer setup times.
    • Consistent high-quality color is a priority for your prints.
    • You require strict hygiene standards and a wide variety of format options, along with various refinements.
    • You're working on medium to high-volume projects and need reliable printing services with cost-effective solutions.
    Solid & litho-laminated board vs corrugated board

    Digital vs flexographic printing

    Consider Digital printing if:

    • You prefer minimal setup requirements, especially for short print runs.
    • Precise color reproduction and consistency are crucial, particularly for detailed prints.
    • On-demand printing and customizable options, including variable data, are important for your projects.
    • You're looking for cost-effective solutions for small to medium print runs with quick turnaround times.

    Consider Flexographic printing if:

    • You're comfortable with low setup requirements, particularly for high-volume printing.
    • While it offers good quality, smaller range of colors and resolution might be acceptable for your needs.
    • Multi-purpose packaging is a key consideration for your printing needs.
    • You're seeking cost-effective options for medium to high-volume printing jobs.

    Explore other printing methods we use at Model

    Flexographic printing

    High volume printing of corrugated packaging where strength and toughness are a priority.


    Offset printing

    High-quality printing of solid or litho-laminated cardboard packaging with the possibility of a number of follow-up refinements. 

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