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    Code of Conduct

    HR - 07/04/2017

    Basic Principles

    This Code of Conduct is based on the spirit of our Quintessence including the questions posed there, which everyone has to answer individually for themselves. Its purpose is to serve as a guideline for responsible business conduct in terms of social, economic, and ecological issues. The Code of Conduct is our voluntary initiative to lay the groundwork for decency, integrity, and credibility of Model and its team and communicate it to the outside world.

    We formulated our commitment to responsible business conduct regarding transparency, the environment, and corruption in four subject areas. Our own commitment also extends to the business partners around us, and we expect them to act with the same sense of responsibility.

    First Topic: Human Rights

    Principle 1: We support and value international human rights in our sphere of influence

    Human rights represent an important achievement for protecting the individual against powerful organizations and institutions. We respect and value the human rights proclaimed by the international community and support compliance with these rights in our sphere of influence. 


    Principle 2: We ensure that we do not cooperate in human rights violations

    By performing our due diligence in the area of human rights, we attempt to detect any negative effects of our activities early on so that they can be prevented or minimized.

    Second Topic: Social Organism

    Principle 3: Preserving the freedom of contract and association

    Our company represents a social organism consisting of voluntary members wherein everyone does what they can and contributes to the whole. Individuals are expected to have as much freedom to associate with others as possible so that their abilities can be enhanced to the fullest.


    Principle 4: We take a stand on the elimination of forced labour of any kind

    We rule out any form of forced labor. We support the education of human capital, specifically by creating employment opportunities and using options for education and further training. We ensure that our employees are familiar with our mission and act accordingly.


    Principle 5: We take a stand on the elimination of child labour

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) set the minimum age for children to work at 15 years (end of compulsory school attendance).

    In 1997, Switzerland ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and has been participating in the ILO’s International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) established in 1991 ever since.

    We respect this regulation and ensure that our business partners (incl. suppliers) comply as well.


    Principle 6: We take a stand on the elimination of discrimination in hiring and employment

    Discrimination is defined as any differentiation, exclusion, or preference based on race, skin color, gender, religion, political opinion, or national or social origin that impedes equal treatment in employment and education.

    We exclude discrimination in the area mentioned above and sanction violations of this principle.

    Third Topic: Environmental Protection

    Principle 7: Our approach to handling environmental problems is prevention

    We maintain an efficient internal system for managing the environment, follow the principle of prevention and provide an effective emergency plan in case of detrimental environmental consequences. We strive for continuous improvement of our environmental results and take a preventive stance towards environmental hazards.


    Principle 8: We take steps towards handling the environment responsibly

    Introduction, certification, and continuous improvement of environmental management systems are important aspects of our sustainable business development. To this end, we collect company data relevant to the environment (incl. data concerning the generation of waste, emissions, energy and water consumption, leakage of substances, and land management). We follow programs to prevent environmental pollution. In our business model, we reuse recyclables.


    Principle 9: We invest in environmentally friendly technologies

    Our commitment is geared towards the research and development of environmentally friendly products and technologies. We value the use of renewable energies and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

    Fourth Topic: Fighting Corruption

    Principle 10: We reject all forms of corruption, especially blackmail and bribery

    In particular, we demonstrate clearly that the UN Convention against corruption must be observed and we are committed to doing so. We reject all forms of corruption; we do not offer or accept bribes. We comply with the rules of ethical business conduct and expect our employees to demonstrate a high level of personal integrity.

    Code of Conduct Englisch.pdf
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