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    Model Young Package 2023 «Thirsty for Packaging»

    Up-and-coming talents aged 15 and over will submit their prototypes for innovative beverage packaging in digital form by 31 March 2023, in line with the "Thirsty for Packaging" theme. In May 2023, a jury will select the best designs from all submitted packaging.

    Topic 2023 «Thirsty for Packaging»

    What is needed is beverage packaging that has never existed before. Refreshing, sustainable, unusual.

    As the challenges of our everyday lives grow, the demands on packaging change. They should protect, be uncomplicated and at the same time tell a story.

    The best beverage packaging underlines the quality of its liquid contents. They surprise us, bring joy to everyday life. At the same time, they are extremely practical and environmentally friendly. Optimal packaging works in supply chains as well as in e-commerce and retail.

    Choose one of the briefings and create beverage packaging that meets all these requirements – and more!

    Briefings for the prototype

    Briefing 1

    Omnichannel beverage packaging

    The task: Create the most sophisticated omnichannel packaging for beverages.


    This 2-in-1 packaging can be used as e-commerce transport packaging as well as shelf-ready packaging. The beverage packaging should work in the retail environment, catch the eye of customers, and enable efficient warehousing.

    In addition, the packaging must work in the supply chain at various touchpoints, such as when goods are ordered online and delivered to the end customer. This beverage packaging simply must fit any type of distribution. Secure, appealing and cleverly designed - ideally with smart "extra functions" that make erecting, closing, opening and resealing child's play.

    Briefing 2

    Sustainable beverage packaging

    The task: Create the most economical and at the same time most sophisticated secondary packaging for beverages.

    The most environmentally friendly packaging is fully focused on sustainability: Through the choice of material, dimensions, filling material, reusability and recycling - right down to the closure.

    Tip: Sometimes less is more. Does a cleverly designed snap-in function perhaps have a greater impact than tons of packaging material? With the right design, incredible results can be achieved: creatively bent, folded or cut, ingenious positions and arrangements are created.

    Briefing 3

    High-end beverage packaging

    The task: Create the most stylish beverage packaging for those who attach particular importance to outstanding design.

    The first impression counts: The packaging attracts with its lines, corners, edges and curves.

    Outside and inside, this beverage packaging is all about design and presentation. From the surface to the print to the embossing and finishing, everything is permitted. Whether refined or simple and businesslike, the design, handling, material and additional functions of this beverage packaging are uncompromisingly dedicated to "beauty" (while at the same time observing the basic requirements for the prototype, as described above).


    Conditions of participation

    Model Young Package is "Thirsty for Packaging" and is dedicated to beverage packaging in 2023. These are the conditions of participation:

    Beverage packaging

    The submitted prototype must be a beverage packaging for one or more drinks corresponding to one of the three briefings.


    Whether bottle, bag, can or bag: The intended material of the packaging must be recyclable and/or reusable – preferably corrugated or solid cardboard.


    Any participant aged 15 and over can submit a custom build prototype in digital form until 31 March 2023.


    You will find here the link to the submission form from 1st of December 2022.


    Total price money of 17,000 euros

    1st place: Up to 5.000 EUR*

    2nd place: Up to 3.000 EUR*

    3rd place: Up to 2.000 EUR*


    *Price money varies depending on category

    Category: Unlimited

    1st place: 5.000 EUR

    2nd place: 3.000 EUR

    3rd place: 2.000 EUR


    Category: High Schools

    1st place: 3.000 EUR

    2nd place: 2.000 EUR

    3rd place: 1.000 EUR


    Online Award 1.000 EUR

    Price money in detail

    Participation in the second round of the competition

    As the winner, you qualify for the second round of the competition. Compete against renowned top designers & develop a production-ready packaging according to real customer requirements.

    Participation in the traditional award ceremony

    Attend the award ceremony in October 2023: Meet the jurors, speak with  customers, get inspired by other designers and boost your career. 



    Paid internship at Model Group

    Win a paid internship at Model Group and gain exclusive insights into one of Europe's largest packaging manufacturers. Of course, you will get answers to all your questions and receive exclusive technical support.



    Submit your prototype

    Submit your prototype by March 31.

    Model Young Package

    Contact us

    We are here for you. Please feel free to contact us by email. You can reach us at any time via the following email address: myp@modelgroup.com


    We look forward to hearing from you. 

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