Quality is the sentiment that we long for as a permanent companion of our actions.

A love for quality

We think products can be used without second-guessing if they strip down the amount of material used to the bare essentials. We think packaging can be used without second-guessing if it is stable and protects its contents.

It is about using materials that are still food-grade even though they will not end up in foodstuffs, with hygiene measures that meet or exceed international standards. Essentially, our products can be used without second-guessing once we have managed to put your mind at rest, ensuring that they bring you joy, not a concern.

In short, our ambition is actually for you to be happy – second-guess that!

Our ambition and goals

We transform the old, the used into the new and the beautiful

Our mission is to revitalize discarded items, breathing new life into them. Packaging, a crucial link in supply chains, safeguards freshness and extends storage times for food. It promotes accurate measurements, efficient stacking, and streamlined transport. Moreover, it secures safe delivery of products. Yet, packaging bears a dual role; it enhances branding and content but also impacts the environment.

«By 2030, all our plants will have implemented a recognized system for product safety.»

Our commitment extends beyond packaging analysis to product quality. By 2030, all our facilities will uphold renowned product safety standards. This objective hinges on refining processes, ensuring precision, and eradicating errors.

We aspire to optimize complaint rates, lead times, and deliveries, while boosting productivity. This target relies on strategic investments in cutting-edge technology and skilled personnel. Our journey is to harmonize innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Our actions

We are tough on ourselves

We continually oversee production quality, documenting the entire process from storage to certification. Certified systems guide us, aided by advanced lab tech for additives. Regular customer audits inspire our improvements and innovation.

We put ourselves to the test

All our factories hold ISO 9001 quality management certification. Food packaging plants also adhere to BRC Global Packaging safety standard, mandated by major retail chains. Independent auditors ensure compliance and foster process enhancements. Notably, our Weinfelden site boasts AA rating in BRC Global Standard Packaging for hygiene.

Enjoy your food without a second thought

We handle paper, cardboard, inks, coatings, and adhesives for food packaging with care. At Model, we choose materials that don't harm food. They don't alter taste, smell, or composition.


We insist on proof from our suppliers to guarantee that all the substances in our products meet our strict requirements.

Our products are safe for consumers.

Spick and span

Hygiene is vital as our packaging enters food manufacturers' cleanrooms. It's a core principle for us, guiding routines and behaviors. We enforce eating and drinking only in designated areas and no smoking on-site. Our standards apply to employees, suppliers, and visitors.


We follow international safety standards like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), BRC (Global Standard Packaging Materials), and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), and enhance them when needed.

We back people - and machines

We minimize error possibilities by automating plants and processes. This curbs mistakes from inattentiveness and improves quality while cutting waste.


Though complex, automation drives our engineers and experts to excel, enhancing products and efficiency.

What's next?

Our pillars of sustainability 

Discover more about the components that form our sustainability strategy.


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CDP rating

Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

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Recognition for CSR efforts

Awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Medal

Model Kramp receives an excellent rating from EcoVadis for CSR efforts. 

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