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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    The least packaging possible?

    Thanks to optimisation of packaging processes we save. Not only the customers' costs, but also nature.

    Crisis as an opportunity

    At  Model we look at crisis as an opportunity. An opportunity to open up new ways to reduce energy consumption and materials as well as other costs associated with the production and delivery of our solutions. We optimize the packaging production process from the beginning to the end. This means that we create the best tailor-made solutions for our customers, and implement the most efficient production options to make them happen.

    We save costs for our customers, but we also protect nature. One of the reasons why we chose optimisation is because we want our production and operations to meet sustainability challenges. We care about the future.

    We follow the motto:

    We use as little packaging material as possible. But never less than is necessary.

    We save material, quality remains

    We rely on our long-term experience, being a leading supplier of packaging not only on the Czech market, as well as our own research and development. We know how to make and design packaging, but that is not all, we also know how to think about the packaging process in a much more complex way. Our goal is to save material while maintaining the same, if not higher, quality of packaging. Model packaging will provide you with superior presentation of your product. They are extremely durable during transport and, thanks to the latest printing processes, it is impossible not to notice them. 

    We think about the customer's costs

    Both their direct and indirect costs are reduced thanks to optimisation. The indirect ones mainly include transport and storage. We innovate packaging designs, corrugation technologies and material combinations, printing and refinement. 

    We optimise the packaging production process from the beginning to the end:

    Optimisation Step One

    Selecting the right cardboard and using non-standard flutes with pasteboard.

    Optimisation Step Two

    The right choice of paper in terms of costs and recycled fibre content.

    Optimisation Step Three

    A new approach to printing technologies and refining materials.

    Optimisation goes hand in hand with sustainability

    We have been sustainable for 140 years. From the very beginning of the packaging production, we have tried to avoid waste. In modern times, this is even more true as we are under pressure to comply with a variety of red-tape regulations. Yet for us, sustainability is not just another topic on which extensive annual reports must be written. We do not act sustainably just because we love to boast about a number of our certificates, even though we have obtained many of them. We act sustainably because we care, we are convinced that it makes sense.

    We believe that economics and environmental protection are closely linked as members of the same family.

     - Daniel Model, 2022

    How do we achieve sustainability in Model?

    We are aware that sustainability is not only about using recycled materials or playing The Green Card game, but that it involves a whole complex range of activities covering the ecological, economic and social spheres .

    Therefore we have introduced the following changes:

    • We follow circular economy and we believe in closed paper cycle: we do not just produce packaging, but we collect it back from our customers once they no longer need it.
    • 85% of our packages are made from  recycled paper.
    • Our packaging is 100% recyclable.
    • Long term, we have reduced our water consumption for our production by 11%.
    • Our processes are transparent, even customers can see how we are doing   in terms of sustainability.
    • We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • We are committed to the safety of our
    We are ready to help you with the firtst steps

    Why don't we optimise your packaging together?

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    Pack smart: make your package look good and save costs.

    Do you want to use even less packagaing? Did you know that if we use the right design of packaging, most of them can be used for postal purposes? This means you won't need any extra packaging.