Knowledge Base: All about packaging & corrugated board

Expand your packaging knowledge and pack like a professional. In our know-how area you will find answers to many questions, informative articles, tips and detailed checklists for proper packaging.

Practical packaging tips

Save postage

Postal delivery in Switzerland

Here you will find valuable knowledge about parcel costs and Swiss postal standards.

Adhesive Tape Guide

Close your package

This allows you to choose the right packing tape and save money when sealing.

Filling Material Guide

Padding packages properly

Here you will find tips on the optimal filling and upholstery material for your packaging.

Move smart

How to pack moving boxes correctly

If you pack properly, you save yourself a lot of stress. With our tips and checklists you can pack relaxed for your move.

Packaging tips for professionals

Online trading

Optimal packaging of parcels

How to retain your customers in the long term with the best shipping packaging.

Food Packaging

Shipping groceries

Pack food safely and tips on environmentally friendly packaging.

Dangerous goods

Safe dangerous goods packaging

How dangerous goods must be labelled, information on packaging groups and UN packaging.

Recognize and shop

Sustainable packaging

Sustainable product and shipping packaging is increasingly becoming a purchase criterion for consumers. With our practical tips, you can make your packaging processes sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Packaging & Corrugated Board: Backgrounds

Code for packaging

FEFCO code explained

For example, the code for packaging is made of corrugated board and solid board.

The material

Corrugated board know-how

Wave types, waveforms and technical values of corrugated board simply explained.


Packaging terms

The most important terms around corrugated board and packaging at a glance.

Materials, codes & regulations

Labeling of Packaging

The accurate labeling for sustainable packaging and what the 94/62/EC packaging waste directive is about.


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