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    Model Young Package 2024 Packaging Design Contest

    Model Young Package's 'Sweets in the Box' theme lets you reimagine chocolates, fruit gums, candies, cookies, and all things sweet.

    Sweets in the Box 2024

    Model Young Package – a unique contest bringing together young talents and worldwide renowned packaging designers. Join us this year with the imaginative topic of «Sweets in the Box». Design a prototype that does not only protect and preserve but also tells a story, creates an experience, and ignites the senses.

    The Open Contest is open to all professional designers and young talents aged 15 and older. Win a share of the 16,000 Euros prize pool as an individual or as a team and be part of the prestigious award ceremony.

    Furthermore, the Professional Challenge invites the winners of the Open Contest to compete against selected top designers based on a real client's briefing.

    Do you belong to the top of the best? Start by choosing one of two briefings and submit your digital prototype by December 2024. Registration will begin in September 2024.

    Briefings for the prototype

    Briefing 1

    Omnichannel sweets packaging

    Create a sophisticated omnichannel packaging for sweets.


    • Create a packaging solution for retail, transport, and e-commerce.
    • Prioritize a design that enhances the overall presentation and handling of the product.
    • Ensure adaptability by seamlessly fitting any distribution channel.
    • Consider an all-in-one or modular multi-part solution, combining gift and postal packaging for e-commerce.
    • Explore the use of multiple parts, like a gift box and matching shipping box, for added versatility. (Only, if necessary)


    Briefing 2

    Special solution

    Create a packaging for any sweets of your preference.


    • Propose an innovative primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging solution for sweets using paper-based materials that meet modern packaging criteria. You have the freedom to choose whether you prefer an especially efficient and material-saving solution, a uniquely designed work of art, or functional packaging with an additional benefit.
    • Showcase creativity by presenting a packaging idea that may not conform to the initial briefing but fulfills all essential requirements.
    • Demonstrate versatility in design, considering unique use cases for sweets packaging within the chosen packaging tier.
    • Utilize paper-based materials to align with sustainability goals and contemporary packaging trends.
    • Embrace the open nature of the briefing to unleash creativity and present a sweets packaging solution that goes beyond traditional constraints within the specified packaging tier.

    How does it work?

    September – December 2024

    Open Contest

    To register for the Open Contest, choose one of the briefings above, create a prototype and submit your prototype as a pdf file by December 2024. Use one of the categories:


    • High School: Students of secondary and tertiary schools aged 15 and older
    • Unlimited: University students, adult and professional designers

    The pdf file must include the title and photos of the prototype (no more than 5), a structural design blueprint and an English description. The final pdf size should not exceed 10 MB.


    Following a pre-selection of all entries by our packaging specialists, shortlisted competitors will be contacted to deliver physical prototypes in January 2025.

    February 2025

    Jury Session

    A jury of packaging experts and representatives of attractive brands will select the best designs from an open competition.


    • the innovation of the packaging design
    • the visual look and overall quality
    • the functionality and ergonomics
    • the production capability
    • the sustainability

    The winners will be chosen by the jury and proceed to the Professional Challenge.

    March 2025

    Online Voting

    The shortlisted designs will be announced online and a public online voting for the top of the best will be initiated. Together with the jury's favorites, the winners will take part in the Professional Challenge. We will provide the online voting link here, when time has come.

    April – May 2025

    Professional Challenge

    The favorites chosen by the jury and the winners of the online voting will compete against selected top designers. The challenge will involve a briefing provided by a real company in the sweets industry.

    June 2025

    Award Ceremony

    The award ceremony will take place, where our winners will be honored in the presence of leading designers and managers from the sweets and packaging industry – the perfect opportunity to connect with inspiring individuals and enhance your career prospects.


    Total Prize Pool of 28,000 Euros

    1st place: Up to 6,000 EUR*

    2nd place: Up to 4,000 EUR*

    3rd place: Up to 2,000 EUR*


    *Prize money varies depending on category

    • First Round – Open Contest

    Category: Unlimited

    1st place: 4,000 EUR

    2nd place: 3,000 EUR

    3rd place: 2,000 EUR


    Category: High School

    1st place: 3,000 EUR

    2nd place: 2,000 EUR

    3rd place: 1,000 EUR


    Online Award: 1,000 EUR


    • Second Round – Professional Challenge

    1st place: 6,000 EUR

    2nd place: 4,000 EUR

    3rd place: 2,000 EUR

    Prize money in detail

    Professional Challenge

    The winners automatically qualify for the Professional Challenge. Compete against renowned top designers & develop a production-ready packaging according to real customer requirements.

    Invitation to the Award Ceremony

    Attend the prestigious award ceremony: Meet the jurors, speak with  customers, get inspired by other designers and boost your career. 



    Internship at Model Group

    Win an internship at Model Group and gain exclusive insights into one of Europe's largest packaging manufacturers. Of course, you will get answers to all your questions and receive exclusive technical support.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Talented designers aged 15 years or older. You can participate individually, or in a team (up to 5 participants per team). If you are competing together in a team, it is only necessary for one of you to submit the prototype.


    You are submitting your physical packaging prototype digitally through the registration form on our website. Describe your prototype, add images and structural design blueprint as a pdf file.

    As part of your registration, you will be required to upload a pdf file which serves to introduce your concept to the jury. Be creative and find your own way to structure the file (attach YouTube links, create your own layout or pick choose a colour palette) – the only requirements are

    • Only one prototype submission is allowed per competitor.
    • Your pdf file may contain no more than 5 photos of your prototype.
    • Your pdf file must include a structural design blueprint of your prototype.
    • Your pdf file must include the title of your work and a description in English.
    • The final size of your pdf file is limited to 10 MB.

    Please note: You will receive a unique ID on the website’s confirmation page immediately following registration. Save this ID for future verification and support requests.

    Also, please read the competition rules (pdf) before registering your prototype.




    You can submit your prototype for one of the two categories:

    • High Schools: Students of secondary and tertiary schools from the age of 15
    • Unlimited: Professional designers without age restrictions


    Submit your proptype using the registration form on our website from September to December 2024.

    Whether box, bag, can or tube: The intended material of the packaging must be paper or fibre based, recyclable and/or reusable – preferably corrugated or solid cardboard. Other materials can be used as additional material. The competition prototype must not contain any real food, medicines, or nutritional supplements. Empty boxes, bottles, cans or bags acting as a packed product are approved.

    For detailed information please check the competition rules.


    As a participant you can apply for free corrugated cardboard at one of the Model Pack Shop branches in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and Switzerland.

    There is a total of 28,000 Euros in prize money for the winners. All winners will also receive an invitation to the traditional award ceremony.

    Furthermore, you can qualify for the Professional Challenge. Here you compete against renowned top designers & develop a production-ready packaging according to real customer requirements. 

    Last but not least you can win an internship at Model Group.


    After submitting your prototype digitally by December 2024, it's time to wait. 

    Our packaging specialists will look at all prototypes and create a shortlist. If your prototype makes it onto the shortlist, we will notify you in January via email so that you can deliver your physical prototypes. 

    Now, the jury will evaluate your physical protoype, in particular:

    • the innovation and creativity of packaging design
    • design creativity and visual look
    • the functionality of the packaging
    • packaging ergonomics
    • production capability
    • sustainability
    • the quality of prototype processing

    If you are one of the lucky winners, we will notify you via email.


    As the winner of the Open Contest, you qualify to participate in the Professional Challenge. Here you will develop a production-ready packaging solution according to real customer requirements and you will compete with the submissions of renowned top designers.


    The traditional award ceremony will take place in June 2025. We will reveal the location during the year. Here you can meet the jurors, speak with customers, get inspired by other designers and boost your career.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email. You can reach us at any time via the following email address: myp@modelgroup.com

    We look forward to hearing from you. 



    Curious about the new jury members?

    Stay tuned for the exciting reveal.

    In the meantime read last year's judges insights.

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