Export packaging and shipping boxes for your logistics

For Kanban systems as well as internal logistics and shipping systems, we offer individual concepts and established industry solutions.

Protection for products, improvement of processes

We create stable packaging solutions that move smoothly through your distribution centers and wait safely for their use in the high rack warehouse.

With us you get octabine containers that are easy and safe to close as well as large load carriers that are optimized for transport. Our innovative small load carriers can be easily combined with your standard plastic boxes. Ideally adapted to your systems and delivered flat just-in-time, they promise easy handling and low storage costs.

The future, already today

Our experts are constantly striving to show you new possibilities, optimizations and savings. Our corrugated board as a plastic alternative, for example, reduces the fire load of your production and with it the insured capital.

If you send numerous boxes in different sizes, "Box on Demand" could be an alternative. We supply you with endless corrugated cardboard which you can then machine-specifically tailor to the size of the items to be shipped. We would be happy to advise you.

Thanks to innovative RFID technology, you can accurately track your shipping boxes and export packaging. If we are allowed to equip your pallets with a chip, you know at all times where which goods are in which quantity and can further automate your processes.

Individual export packaging and shipping boxes

Stable and modular

We have developed our stable small load carriers made of corrugated board for demanding use in industry. They can be easily combined with plastic carriers and are VDA compatible.

Easy handling

Model's export and shipping boxes are designed for quick and easy handling. This design separates and secures individual components that can be easily removed after transport.

Efficient design

Our large load carriers and pallet boxes make use of every millimetre. We adapt the inserts and fixings for various areas of application and integrate practical loading flaps.

Everything from a single source

Know-how around your product

Product requirements, market peculiarities, certificates or machine optimization – we know what needs to be considered and strive for the ideal solution.

From standard to unique

Our innovation and design department is always looking forward to new challenges. We are just as happy to offer you proven standard and industry solutions.

A team of professionals

We are only satisfied when you are and strive to surprise every day with speed, precision and the noticeable extra mile.



No matter how striking, high-quality or complex – our innovation and design department is looking forward to even the most demanding tasks.


We offer creative, efficient and safe co-packing solutions that bring every product assembled to the customer.


From old to new again and again. Find out how we turn waste paper into valuable raw materials. Pickup included.


From production to the happy customer. We know the steps in between and look forward to optimizing them with you.

Certified packaging

ISO 9001

Certificate of Quality / Performance


ISO 14001

Sustainability Certificate



Certificates for sustainable products

Sustainable forestry and the chain of custody
Ecolabel Product


Sustainability Certificate

Responsible Sourcing Program
for Social behaviour

Climate-neutral packaging

Certificate for Sustainability / Environment / Social Affairs

CO2 – Footprint

of products (PCF)

of the establishment (CCF)

CO2 reduced operation

Sustainability Certificate

Proof of economical energy management at the site

Process Standard Offset Printing

Certificate for the provision of services

Quality requirement for process offset printing

Process Standard Digital Printing

Certificate for the provision of services

Quality requirement for digital printing process

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