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    Supply chain

    We support our customers along the entire value chain.

    Cherry picking for the benefit of our customers

    After all, we have plenty of partners. 1 800 small, medium-sized and large companies supply their goods to us and support us with services.

    We select each one carefully to ensure that they share our values, and review the quality and safety of their products. In our procurement conditions, we clearly state that our supply chain must meet exemplary demands, from start to finish.

    Our ambition and goals

    Ties that stand the test of time

    We are fastidious in our selection of suppliers, particularly in the area of paper procurement. Given that paper makes up the largest proportion of our procurement volume across the Group, we know every single one of our suppliers. We are in constant communication with each of these partners and carry out regular audits.

    As soon as quality is no longer up to scratch and is not improved, we call it a day.

    «By 2030, all our direct suppliers must receive an A in their self-audit.»

    By 2030, we want all our direct suppliers to have achieved ‘category A’ in their self-audit. We use the following measures to consistently implement and enforce our sustainability requirements within the supply chain:

    • Our sustainability requirements are put into practice across the entire Model Group and expanded to also cover the procurement of additives.
    • We choose suppliers that already satisfy the demands of category A, or help them to get there.
    • We are continuing to scale up supplier self-audits.

    Our actions

    If you have your eye on us, you must have plenty to offer

    We collaborate with over 1,800 partners across Europe, procuring wood fiber, adhesives, inks, coatings, and more.


    We welcome partnerships with small companies and ensure clear, concise procurement terms. Our supply chain's performance is based on adherence to these conditions.

    Our supply chains are stable

    Geopolitical developments have brought challenges. We analyze essential supply chains daily and explore new suppliers when needed.


    Our paper mills, crucial for corrugated board production, sustain reliability. Amidst evolving events, supply chains have remained stable.

    Concentration of the supply chain

    The Eilenburg paper mill acquisition strengthens our upstream supply chain, ensuring 100% self-sufficiency in recycled containerboard.


    Eilenburg's proximity to other Model mills reduces transport distances compared to sourcing from Switzerland.

    Keeping our word – and letting our actions speak louder

    Our suppliers commit to EU chemical regulation REACH, environmental laws, and BSCI Code of Conduct, which bans discrimination, ensures fair wages, and upholds human rights and safety standards.


    This extends to suppliers' suppliers, covering the Model Group's entire supply chain. Sustainability, responsible resource handling, and environmental protection are paramount.

    No stone left unturned

    We regularly assess suppliers through self-audits and our audits.


    For paper, we conduct re-audits at key manufacturers, surpassing sustainability norms by examining quality, processes, and training. Our rigorous selection process usually meets high standards, aiming higher.


    The due diligence process includes self-audits, risk assessment, improvements, and progress review. Unsatisfactory progress leads to collaboration termination.

    What's next?

    Our pillars of sustainability 

    Discover more about the components that form our sustainability strategy.


    Explore more about sustainable topics

    CDP rating

    Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

    Model Group achieves a B in the CDP Climate Change rating

    Press releases Sustainability
    Recognition for CSR efforts

    Awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Medal

    Model Kramp receives an excellent rating from EcoVadis for CSR efforts. 

    Awards Sustainability
    Reducing CO₂ emissions – with science-based targets by 2030

    SBTi: Climate-neutral packaging

    The Model Group sets clear targets for reducing emissions in its own value chain.