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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Production by Model

    We save costs by optimizing packaging processes. Costs for customers and nature.

    Optimized Sustainable Packaging Production

    At Model, we optimize the packaging production process from start to the finish and the start of the next cycle. This means that we design the best solution for the customer and implement it using the most efficient production methods.

    As a packaging supplier, we save costs for our customers, but also for nature. We have also chosen optimisation because we want our production and operations to meet the requirements of sustainability. We care about the sustainable future.

    Stable supplier from packaging to raw paper

    Full value chain solutions

    Packaging Production

    Production of optimized corrugated, solid and litho-laminated packaging with superior printing.

    A wave that never breaks

    Corrugated Board Production

    We produce corrugated base paper in our own paper production facility. Testliner and kraftliner made from high-quality recycled paper.

    Waste paper as a raw material

    Recycled paper production

    We produce corrugated base paper in our own paper production facility. Testliner and kraftliner made from high-quality recycled paper.

    Packaging for every part of your value chain

    Product packaging

    Individual packaging that protects your product and captures the attention of customers at the point of sale.

    Product Category

    E-commerce packaging

    Optimize your e-commerce business with a flawless shipping solution and an equally simple return.

    Transport packaging

    Optimized solutions that save you transport costs and worry about the safety of the contents inside.

    Product Category

    Promotional packaging

    High-quality printed POS/POP materials, displays and easy assembly at the point of sale.

    Product Category

    Discover more options for your packaging

    Order directly from stock

    Model Shop Range

    Buy boxes, cartons and packaging online with express delivery and constant stock availability.

    Endless corrugated board


    With an automatic packaging machine, produce custom transport packaging from continuous corrugated cardboard on demand. Just insert the corrugated cardboard to create tailor-made packaging.


    Selection of paper-based packaging materials

    Corrugated Board

    Wide range of material widths, optimised construction (including FEFCO standard) and high-quality flexo printing. Solutions available at our locations in CH, CZ, DE, PL and HR.

    Solid Board

    High hygiene standards for different board types, wide range of refinement options and precision offset or digital printing. Solutions available at our CZ and DE locations.

    Litho-Laminated Board

    Luxury printing combined with durability thanks to the lamination of a solid board sheet onto a corrugated board base. Solutions available at our locations in CZ and PL.

    Always the right choice of packaging printing method

    To optimise production, we strive to offer our customers new and better solutions, taking advantage of the machinery in our plants that allows us to use different printing methods.

    Flexographic printing

    High volume printing of corrugated packaging where strength and toughness are a priority.


    Offset printing

    High-quality printing of solid or litho-laminated cardboard packaging with the possibility of a number of follow-up refinements. 


    Digital printing

    Personalised printing with high flexibility and a wide range of colours.


    Corrugated Board Production


    One corrugated and two smooth papers

    With corrugated board, the name already gives information about the properties. The corrugated base paper produced by Model is used to glue different paper webs together to make a corrugated board. At least one fluted paper, the so-called flute, is glued between two smooth papers, the liner papers.


    Corrugators and corrugated sheets

    Corrugated board is produced in corrugating machines. We refer to the semi-finished products produced on our corrugators as "corrugated sheets". The corrugated sheets intended for further processing are produced in different qualities as well as single-, double- or triple-fluted.


    The different paper qualities and flute types enable us to meet a wide variety of customer requirements for packaging in further processing.


    Single, double or triple wall corrugated board

    To give the flute its shape, a special corrugated roller is used and the corrugated paper is shaped by heat, pressure and moisture. The next step is a smooth rubber blanket paper, which is glued to the fluted paper. The resulting single face corrugated board can now be glued to other liner and corrugated papers or finished directly with an outer liner. Depending on the composition, we speak of single wall, double wall or triple wall corrugated board.


    Texture as a quality factor

    The constellation between the number of flutes and the liner paper thus determines the quality of the respective corrugated board. Quality aspects can be checked on the basis of various characteristics such as edge pressure resistance, tuckability or burst factor. Model's Blanket papers are particularly stable due to their own production and can be printed well on the outside as well as on the inside. Model loves quality and our closed paper circuit enables us to always meet our own quality requirements as well as those of our customers.


    Wide range of packaging

    The heart of Model Group beats in our packaging production. Production covers various areas, from the manufacture of corrugated cardboard to the creation of simple transport packaging and high-quality displays. A team of experienced employees from all areas supports the entire order processing process.

    Recycled paper production

    Circular economy

    Manufacturer full of passion

    Despite the rapid advance of digitalisation, paper has become an indispensable part of our private and professional lives.


    As the only manufacturer of corrugated base paper in Switzerland, we produce around 410,000 tonnes of corrugated base paper annually with our three paper machines. Our investment in a paper mill in Eilenburg in eastern Germany will increase our volume accordingly in the future.


    We value the pursuit of awareness. Therefore, it is a pleasure for us to make an active contribution to the circular economy by producing environmentally friendly packaging materials.


    The basis for corrugated board

    Corrugated base paper is the material from which corrugated board is made. For this purpose, the corrugated board sheet needs an outer and inner cover of paper. The quality of the paper used determines the quality of the corrugated board. For this reason, a precise knowledge of the types of corrugated paper that are processed into corrugated board is required.

    Waste paper as a raw material

    Recycled paper production

    We produce corrugated base paper in our own paper production facility. Testliner and kraftliner made from high-quality recycled paper.

    Product Category

    Explore our industry solutions

    Food packaging

    Whether baby food, frozen products or canned food – thanks to our food packaging, your food arrives safely and stylish at your customers.


    Household packaging

    Our home appliance packaging ensures eye-catching designs, stable interiors and protection on the go.


    Cosmetics & Hygiene packaging

    Make-up with hot air foil printing, perfume box with theft protection or skincare with raffle code: Our high-quality packaging presents and protects your cosmetic products all over the world.

    Consumer Goods packaging

    No matter what your customers buy or order – we make sure that it arrives well protected. Thanks to our diverse and high-quality packaging for consumer goods of all kinds.

    Automotive packaging

    Even if you send your products halfway around the world and back again: With our packaging, no square centimeters are wasted and even the most sensitive materials and surfaces are ideally protected.

    Chemicals packaging

    Stable enough to move large containers. Safe enough to get dangerous goods from A to B. Our chemical and dangerous goods packaging.

    Pharmaceutical packaging

    From cough syrup to syringes to surgical instruments: Our medical packaging stands for high hygiene standards and sterile transport.

    Electronics packaging

    We look at all the stages of your product and design an ESD-compliant packaging that ideally protects and presents it.

    E-commerce packaging

    We have the packaging solution to economically protect and safely deliver your products to their recipients, and possibly back again.

    Logistics & Transport packaging

    For Kanban systems as well as internal logistics and shipping systems, we offer individual concepts and established industry solutions.

    Beverages packaging

    Our beverage packaging supports the processes of breweries, wineries and juice producers in order to protect the products on their way to the end consumer.

    Industrial packaging

    We tailor packaging solutions to your industrial goods' complete life cycle, regardless of sensitivity, size, or demands.

    Furniture packaging

    From delicate ceramic vases to long kitchen box doors, our packaging material accompanies and protects your furniture in all its ways into new homes.

    Production and more

    A complete cycle of benefits

    As a packaging service provider, we can offer you a variety of services. From paper production to recycling – and every step in between. We design, test, produce, assemble, store, deliver and pick up again. Get to know us.

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