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Model Group Sustainability Report

Nowadays, companies’ actions are judged by how sustainable they are. The idea of ‘sustainability’ itself was born as far back as 1713, within the context of a national wood shortage. A managed approach to forestry was the norm by the time Model came into being in 1882, and the uncontrolled exploitation of our forests was a thing of the past.

As a result, sustainability is part of Model’s history. It is part of who we are, and it is part of our present. In our eyes, it’s not something that’s located in the future, even though we do set targets for it. We believe that being sustainable means being switched-on and alert, continuously making improvements, whether big or small – without being forced to. It’s something genuine and natural. The joy we gain from leveraging hidden potential puts a smile on our faces day in, day out, enriching our actions in a sustainable way.

Model Group

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Model Group

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OUR KEY FIGURES 2017 - 2021 (PDF)

At a glance

81 %

recycled fibre was used in our products in 2021

11.1 %

decreased consumption of water since 2017

4 473

ETG employees in 2021


 stable supply chain in 2021

Our closed paper cycle

At Model, we can produce packaging in a closed loop: Our raw material are recycled fibres from used paper products, from which new paper is created. With this we produce corrugated board – the main material of our packaging. We deliver these to our customers and collect them back used. Thanks to the circular economy, we work together to reduce waste of energy and resources.

Our sustainability ratings

We actively participate in a wide array of ESG ratings. Such ratings demonstrate transparency of Model’s sustainability strategy.

Strategy and Vision

We believe that the economy and the environment are part of the same family. Discover our sustainability strategy and vision.


Our pillars of sustainability 


Our products have an impact on the environment. That is why we ensure that they are harmless.



Our manufacturing processes are not yet carbon-neutral. But we are making good progress.



In short, we delegate responsibility. To every single person.


Supply chain

We stay with what we like. And we like exemplary partners.