Model Opakowania among the most attractive employers in 2022

Model Opakowania, a member of the Model Group from Poland, has been classified as the 2nd best employer in this year’s Forbes Best Employers ranking.

Appreciation and inspiration

Model Opakowania, a member of the Model Group, has been classified as the second best employer in this year’s Forbes Best Employers in Poland 2022 ranking, in its relevant industry i.e. production and raw materials processing, building materials, metal and paper. 

Model Group has been present in Poland for almost 25 years. It has factories in Biłgoraj Czosnów near Warsaw and Nowa Sól. The spiritual foundation of the Model Group is Quintessence which sets the course for the company and its employees. Our company is essentially a cooperative effort, since the achievement of an individual can be transformed into a meaningful whole only with the cooperation of others. The success of the Polish company is a great inspiration for all Model Group plants.

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The ranking was created in cooperation with Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data. Based on a list of approximately 1 800 employers hiring at least 250 employees in Poland the research was carried out.

«Winning second place in the prestigious Forbes magazine’s ranking is a nice surprise for us. The research was conducted in the form of anonymous surveys among our employees, and we, as an employer, were not aware that we were taking part in it. Therefore, we are all the more pleased with the high result obtained. The received distinction confirms our reputation as an attractive and staff-friendly employer and at the same time proves that the actions we implement meet the needs of our employees.»  says Anna Krowicka, Head of the HR Competence Center of Model Opakowania.

The final list included the top 300 employers in Poland, arranged in terms of the number of points scored, broken down by industries. The maximum number of points to be scored by one company in the research process was 100. The research was conducted from September to October 2021.

«For us, the second place is an obligation to continue the implemented or recently initiated activities, such as care for the safety of our employees and the comfort of their work, promoting attitudes in line with our values as well as a wide range of benefits and a clear bonus system. We are deeply convinced that people who share a common goal and similar values ​​can literally achieve anything. Especially when it comes to job satisfaction because we spend most of our time at work. We want the people working in Model to be proud of this fact, feel good here, and want to contribute to our Model community,» emphasizes Anna Krowicka.

Assessment Criteria

The 300 Best Polish Employers list was drawn up based on a questionnaire available through online research panels and on the polish Forbes website. It was filled out by over 20 000 Poles. Among others the following criteria were assessed by the respondents:

  • Working conditions (at the office and remote) as well as working equipment 
  • Possibilities of development and promotion
  • Working hours
  • Probability of recommending their employer to a friend or family member 
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