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Here the ideals aesthetics, economics and function are combined with each other.

With the specification that each product has to fulfil a multitude of functions, our specialists work purposefully on the development of innovatively produced packaging and displays made of solid and corrugated board. Always on the lookout for the optimum interplay of design, material, printing and finishing form. To create an optimally developed product that can be experienced through multiple sensory channels.

Model services Crea

Innovation and competence Knowledge and creation - both united at Model.

  • Product development according to customer needs
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Process optimization
  • 3D visualization
  • Stress and transport tests

In the area of product design, our specialists work with you to develop packaging solutions and concepts based on your requirements. We always take the latest market trends into account and integrate innovative developments into the entire packaging process. The focus is always on your individual requirements, hand in hand with the legal guidelines.

We as specialists offer you a focus on your specific customer project in various areas of creation. Thus we achieve an optimal mix of technology and innovation to be able to implement your project optimally. The ideal breeding ground for creativity:Find your direct contact person.

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Model services Crea