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    Design – Model packaging development

    What all our innovative packaging concepts have in common: They protect your product in its own way, facilitate handling in every process step and put it in the spotlight.

    Packaging and displays individually designed for you

    At the beginning of each project, we listen carefully to the visual, physical and cost requirements you have for your packaging.

    What does your production process look like? How stable do the edges have to be? How much dynamic load must the packaging be able to bear during transport? When we know all the information about the life cycle of your product, our experts start the design and construction work.

    The result is always a new, unique product – tailored to your individual needs. From the flat cardboard box to the fully loaded display in the supermarket.

    Innovative packaging solutions on a continuous line

    Nothing left to chance

    Your new packaging will be prepared for all the challenges you might face in transport and warehousing. The reason for this is our extensive tests, in which the designs are put through their paces.

    View of the complete process

    Design and construction expertise does not stop with the design of the packaging. We rather offer additional ideas for packaging, storage, shipping and presentation at the point of sale.

    Advice on investments and optimisations

    Our employees with in-depth sales know-how analyze your entire production process. We are happy to advise you before you purchase a new machine or give tips on how to use the existing machinery even more efficiently. Always with the aim of making your value chain as fast, efficient and economical as possible.

    Creativity and know-how lead to innovations

    Material and type of printing

    Packaging concepts in all colours, shapes and functions

    From F-wave to CA-wave, recycled paper, fibre mix or virgin fibres – we produce and offer a wide variety of materials. This enables us to create what ideally protects and stages your product.

    Design and more

    A complete cycle of benefits

    As a packaging service provider, we can offer you a variety of services. From paper production to recycling – and all steps in between. We design, test, produce, assemble, store, deliver and pick up again. Get to know us.

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