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    M-Fold – flexible endless corrugated cardboard from Model

    Tailor-made transport packaging for every order: with the M-Fold endless corrugated cardboard and the automatic packaging machine, you can pack your products optimally – exactly when you want to ship them.

    What is M-Fold?

    M-Fold is the high-quality continuous corrugated cardboard of the Model Group. The flexible endless corrugated cardboard allows you to pack your products precisely for transport.We deliver our folded endless corrugated cardboard on a pallet. Practical and cost-effective.

    Packaging on demand

    With an automatic packaging machine, you can produce your transport packaging from continuous corrugated cardboard on demand at any time. Simply insert the endless corrugated cardboard into the automatic packaging machine to produce tailor-made packaging. You can choose between fully automated or semi-automated packaging machines from different suppliers.

    Why Model's M-Fold?

    Reduce costs

    An automatic, tailor-made packaging solution with continuous corrugated cardboard replaces many types of packaging and manual packing stations.

    Efficient packaging

    Endless corrugated cardboard saves time, space, personnel, storage and transport – thanks to the more efficient packaging process.

    Reduce shipping costs

    Reduce your shipping costs with up to 50% less shipping volume.

    Less filling material

    Tailor-made packaging saves up to 30% of cartonboard and makes filling material largely superfluous.

    Packaging more sustainably

    Enormous savings potential: Avoid up to 25 t of CO2 per 100,000 m² of corrugated cardboard with continuous corrugated cardboard.

    Suitable financing

    Buy or rent your packaging machine via the carton price (depending on your needs and the manufacturer's offer).

    For whom is M-Fold suitable?

    Model's M-Fold continuous corrugated cardboard is suitable for you if you

    • offer a large variance of cartons and articles,
    • have a different degree of filling per package, 
    • invest a lot of working time in the packaging process.

    Read here in more detail when a switch to endless corrugated cardboard is worthwhile:

    Switching to an automated solution with endless corrugated cardboard – is it worth it?

    Customers expect tailor-made packaging. Because this simplifies recycling and is more sustainable. With M-Fold you can reduce your shipping volume by up to 50% and save up to 30% cartonboard. Filling material becomes largely superfluous. In addition, more packaging fits on a truck. Tailor-made packaging is therefore not only climate-friendly, but also economical.


    We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of packaging your goods precisely.

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    Up to 30% of the operating costs in the warehouse are caused by packaging processes. Automatic packaging machines produce 200 to 1,000 cartons per hour and increase your packaging efficiency.

    We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of optimising your packaging process.

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    There are a large number of suppliers of automated packaging machines. Whether these machines produce the optimal blanks for your products or tailor-made packaging for your mail order business depends on your needs. Would you like more insight? We work together with various providers and are happy to advise you.

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    A conversion to continuous corrugated cardboard requires a certain degree of maturity of your automation. Would you like to learn more about the possible automation of your packaging processes? As a full-service provider, Model naturally supports you in optimizing your packaging processes. We offer you a free service to check your processes.

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    Only after a certain throughput of packaging does a conversion to continuous corrugated cardboard make sense: From 200 produced packages per hour, a conversion to M-Fold is economically profitable.

    Do you produce at least 200 packages per hour? Then the change is worthwhile for your company. We are happy to advise you and look forward to your inquiry.

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    Suitable financing

    For your packaging solution with continuous corrugated cardboard and your packaging machine, you have the choice:


    1. You buy a packaging machine from a machine manufacturer and buy the endless corrugated cardboard, e.g. from Model
    2. Or you can rent a machine from a machine manufacturer and pay for the amount of packaging. 

    We will be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of the two options.

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    Your service from Model

    Full-service provider

    Model Group draws on over 140 years of experience in the production of corrugated board and the development of tailor-made packaging solutions.

    Guaranteed delivery capability

    Thanks to our own paper production facilities and our own truck fleet, we can guarantee you the ability to deliver.

    High service level

    Fast response, high accessibility: Our teams at three production sites in Switzerland have many years of experience with tailor-made packaging. 


    Model packaging consists of 83% recycled fibers. We rely on short delivery routes: We produce our M-Fold continuous corrugated board in Switzerland, Germany and Poland. 

    M-Fold: The endless corrugated cardboard with endless possibilities

    Suitable for you


    • brown / white (inside and / or outside)
    • Colouring or coating possible


    Versatile printability

    • Preprint flexo by model (inside and outside, spreading pressure)
    • Digital printing by machine manufacturers (individualization possible)


    Many types of waves possible

    • C, B, E, BC, EB, EE shaft
    • Stability depending on shaft type and paper types
    • Depending on the need for stability and stackability of your packaging, we can produce in different shaft types.
    Are you interested?

    We will make you a non-binding offer

    You can easily reach us via our contact form.

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