Ideals show us what we aspire to. They shape our orientation and our future.

The extent to which we commit ourselves to them defines our personal integrity. Motivations are primal forces of the will which often remain hidden and do not come to light until actions are performed – it can therefore be very fruitful to look for them.

What motivations make you act as you do? Rules are relationships we must recognize if we are to find proper ways of working and apply them. Learning is essential.

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Model Downloads Quintessenz Ökonomie

Economy We imagine economy as a being that can feel comfortable with its members at Model.

Economy knows exactly what it is, what it wants and what it achieves, since it acts according to clear rules. It is thrifty, careful, creates value, is precise, truthful, prudent and attentive, for nothing escapes it and everything is turned into something of value. Waste has no part in it.

Economy comes to life through its identification with the rules. This is how we create value, and value creation is our raison d‘être. The principle of economy also includes efficiency and effectiveness. We use resources carefully with a view to maximum impact. Our decisions obey the rules of economy and serve constantly to strengthen the company. All our activities are systematically oriented towards value creation.

Model Downloads Quintessenz Lernen

Learning Our salaries are not the only thing we gain from working at the company: what we learn here is more important than anything else.

We want our employees to maximize the benefits they derive from their own learning, taking as much knowledge as possible home with them each day. This requires them to show an interest and a willingness to accept new ideas. Thinking is essential for this, as we query routines and look for better solutions. In a culture of learning, a problem is not seen as a negative thing but as a learning opportunity, since it gets people thinking.

In a problem-solving culture, work is fun, because everyone thinks and acts in the same, solutions-oriented way. The effect of learning is to increase and expand understanding. Expanding the company is a hallmark element of our strategy, and it goes hand-in-hand with expanding our consciousness.

Model Downloads Quintessenz Zusammenarbeit

Cooperation Ideally cooperation can be expressed by the formula 1 + 1 = 3.

Our company is essentially a cooperative effort, since the achievement of an individual can be transformed into a meaningful whole only with the cooperation of others. A productive conversation in which knowledge is exchanged shows this apparent miracle being put into practice. In reality the effectiveness is often less than 2, the expected arithmetical answer. The potential for improvement contains the treasure we need to access for our future.

The key ingredient for successful cooperation is trust; but where does it come from and how can we earn it? How can we cultivate a genuine desire for the common good? What do I have to do to become the person I really am? When conflict arises, the formula results in a negative outcome. How does conflict arise? How can it be transformed from a danger to a benefit for the company?

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Quality Love of quality expresses how we value our existence and conduct; it can thus determine our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Our self-esteem enables us to work conscientiously and reliably. Pride in the job is the foundation on which we produce our best work. Zero mistakes is our ideal. We have an inner need to improve constantly. This fundamental attitude is supported by stable processes and clearly defined, measurable quality standards.

When quality drops, we usually look to blame someone else. How can I move from the temporarily comfortable role of victim to the responsible role of actor? Where do we find the necessary stamina? What is the relationship between quality and quantity? What are the nature and types of arguments under which the constantly recurring attacks on quality appear, and how can they be countered?

Model Downloads Quintessenz Integrität

Individual integrity When our own values and ideals are evident from our behavior, our individual, essential integrity reveals itself.

Have the values that are key for you been covered in the four preceding topics of economy, learning, cooperation and quality?

Here you have scope to make your own additions. Which values and ideals do you want to stand for? Are you also ready to take the consequences?