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No future without roots The Model Group is a family business which is managed in 4th generation by Daniel and Elisabeth Model.

As you can see, our company history goes back over 135 years - and yet we have to prove ourselves on the market every day with our products and services.

Our lean organisation is geared towards an efficient flow of business processes. The individual companies are structured in a process-oriented manner, have their own sales and development teams and assume a high level of decision-making responsibility.

Elisabeth and Daniel Model

Model company Weinfelden

The Model Group develops, produces and supplies intelligent, innovative and high-quality display and packaging solutions made from solid and corrugated board.

Model Holding AG is the holding and management company of the Model Group. It is 100% owned by the Model family - the company headquarters are located in Weinfelden (CH).

The Model Group is present at various locations throughout Europe and employs more than 4,300 people in the major markets: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

Model Holding AG
Model Group in figures 2018 2017 2016
Consolidated sales in million CHF 990.6 915.1 874.2
Investments in million CHF 54.3 86 88.1
Corrugated board production in million m² 1'349 1'361 1'297
Litho-laminated corr. board packaging in million m² 48.8 42.5 45.2
Cardboard packaging in tonnes 21'400 22'500 24'000
Container board production in tonnes 399'600 388'600 383'600
Average headcount 4'320 4'285 4'217
Model company locations

Locations throughout Europe - with a high degree of personal responsibility

All locations are geared towards an efficient flow of business processes. They are structured in a process-oriented manner, have their own sales and development teams and assume a high level of decision-making responsibility.

  • Production sites for solid and corrugated board packaging and displays
  • Model Copack Plus locations specialising in co-packing
  • Model Pack shops with comprehensive standard assortment ex stock
  • Company headquarters: in Weinfelden, Canton Thurgau in Switzerland.
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Model Downloads Quintessenz

Quintessence Ideals show us what we aspire to. They shape our orientation and our future.

The extent to which we commit ourselves to them defines our personal integrity. Motivations are primal forces of the will which often remain hidden and do not come to light until actions are performed – it can therefore be very fruitful to look for them.

What motivations make you act as you do? Rules are relationships we must recognize if we are to find proper ways of working and apply them. Learning is essential.

Model Quintessence
Environment - Forrest


Sustainability is part of Model’s history. It is part of who we are, and it is part of our present. In our eyes, it’s not something that’s located in the future, even though we do set targets for it. We believe that being sustainable means being switched-on and alert, continuously making improvements, whether big or small – without being forced to.

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