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    A shelf-ready packaging expert reveals insights

    SRP is a must for the food industry. Our colleague Sven Johner reveals why there is no way around trade-compliant shelf packaging.

    Problem solver with passion

    Short-term production, eye-catchers at the point of sale and the chocolate does not like it too warm or too cold. Shelf-ready packaging is demanding. «These are just some of the challenges we face every day,» says Sven Johner, manager at Model Co-Packing in Niedergösgen in the canton of Solothurn.


    «Most people are surprised at what we do at Co-Packing. By the way, that was me at the beginning.»


    He calls himself and his team at Model Co-Packing «problem solvers». Because every day Sven Johner and his 22 employees solve tricky problems for their customers. «We can do that so well because we are part of the Model Group. We not only pack, but we also provide the material and logistics. In addition, I have a lot of good minds here with rough edges,» he adds with a laugh.

    Daily challenges

    Sven, what is special about your work?

    «I get to reinvent myself again and again, which is incredibly great. Adapting customer-specific wishes is a daily challenge that is great fun. You have to imagine: Product cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Manufacturers must constantly offer their customers something new. We adapt to this, are flexible, and can produce at short notice.»

    Food packaging at the POS

    A rare commodity: attention

    «We have to develop real eye-catchers for the point of sale,» explains Sven. «Everyone knows this: as an end customer, we discover interesting or familiar packaging and want to access it conveniently.»  Well placed in the smallest of spaces, packaged in a commercially friendly way, attractive –  this is how successful shelf-ready packaging for food articles works. 

    Experience, energy, expertise

    «Can't Model do that for us?»

    This question started the success story of co-packing. «Our customer, a food company, wanted to concentrate completely on the production of chocolate and outsource its refinement.» What did Model respond to the customer's request? «Of course we do,» laughs Sven and adds: «It was a challenge that was worth it. Today, complex packaging problems are our specialty.» 

    Packaging from A to Z

    Model Co-Packing can do more

    «Many customers are surprised at what we do here,» tells Sven Johner. Namely packaging with everything that goes with it. «We label, banderol, shrink, assemble displays. Manual and mechanical, for short and long runs.» For Sven, that's what makes his job exciting: «There's always something to optimize. No matter where we start with the customer in his packaging process.»

    «The Extra in the Ordinary» by our Co-Packing expert:

    «Continuous development»
    «Great customer relationships»
    «My daily companions, the team»
    «To experience and see results»
    «High degree of trust»

    What convinces your customers the most?

    «Our comprehensive service. 90 percent of our customers come from the food industry. Here, sophisticated shelf-ready packaging is essential.» Sven and his team are ideally positioned for this: «I coordinate three departments: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Production. We can machine-equip and fill up to five product types in the correct mixture. In addition, we at Model offer a large selection of different packaging

    Hygienically packed

    What was it like with the chocolate?

    «We take good care of them,» laughs Sven. «Just like all the other food we pack here at a stable room temperature.» Because too warm, too cold or fluctuations are unfavorable for many products. «At Model Co-Packing, we have a comprehensive hygiene concept and our employees are regularly trained.»

    The Extra in the Ordinary

    Think ahead, get ahead...

    «The special thing about Model is how well young people develop here and unfurl their potential.» Sven has experienced this himself with Model. He feels comfortable here because standing on the spot is not his thing. «We like to think outside the box: for example if our packaging service is not the right for our customer. Then I refer to colleagues from other Model plants who offer exactly what the customer is looking for.»  

    Shelf-Ready Packaging

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