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Model Young Package 2020

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The designers’ task was to design packaging for personal care products that would improve people’s everyday life and heal the ailments of today’s world.

Healthier, more beautiful, happier and responsible – that’s the model man of today who inevitably needs a lot of products and leaves a lot of packaging behind. All the things that we eat and drink every day, apply to our bodies, or simply use should improve our lives. All you have to do is choose either the path of natural products or the latest scientific knowledge. These products and their packaging enter our everyday lives with the ambition to make it better. Therefore, they should be better. Can designers make them better?

Designers can creatively and responsibly pack cosmetics, nutritional supplements (vitamins, teas), medical supplies, medicines or hygiene items of any kind.

University students and young designers of any age

Concepts by university students and designers of any age.

High schools

Concepts by students of secondary and tertiary schools from 15 years of age.

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Model Young Package