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    New LED printing machine in Weinfelden

    The Nozomi 14000 LED press is EFI's second generation of digital presses for corrugated and the fifth generation of high-productivity single-pass presses for industrial applications. We are very pleased to have this new machine installed at our plant in Weinfelden, probably in September 2023.

    High productivity and maximum efficiency

    The Nozomi 14000 LED press features a robust design for demanding industrial use and offers high reliability and productivity. The following aspects provide a balance between plate handling and print quality:

    • Suitable for all corrugated board thicknesses
    • Transport with high hold-down force
    • No production stop due to damaged panels
    • Clog-free, low-wear high-performance printheads
    • Service-friendly units that guarantee easy operation and maintenance
    • Powerful image management and data capture software
    • New intuitive, user-friendly interface

    Highest print quality

    With the Nozomi 14000 LED press, we can produce high-quality printed packaging in the most efficient way. These features let you benefit from the perfect balance between solid colors and text definition:

    • High viscosity inks provide excellent colour saturation and coverage
    • Printheads with variable ink drop sizes and high-speed ink ejection result in higher accuracy and smooth colour gradients
    • Tools based on our Artifical Vision system that automatically control print quality
    • Digital Fiery front-end software with advanced imaging technology for press control
    • Fogra and G7 colour certifications


    The Nozomi 14000 LED press ensures efficient processes, lower resource consumption, reduced waste and full recyclability, and contributes to the circular economy of corrugated board thanks to the following features:

    • Up to 35% lower energy consumption than flexo printing
    • More efficient process - no more overproduction and simplified storage as no stocks of plates or ink mixes are needed
    • Less waste - no water required for cleaning, minimal amount of ink and plates during set-up
    • Practically no FOV emissions
    • Fully recyclable and repulpable inks

    About EFI

    EFI™ has a long history of helping printers transform from analogue to digital, using print technology, training, service and support to make the transition easy and profitable. They support us every step of the way. It is their vision to inspire the world with brilliant images on any material. In doing so, their mission is to be the most trusted partner on our digital journey.

    Sounds exciting?

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    We look forward hearing from you to produce your packaging with our new digital press.

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