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    Model Young Package 2023 Round 2

    The best designers from the first round continue to design - this time they will take on the challenge of a real Clock customer and compete for the Model Young Package winner and a total prize money of 14.000 EUR.

    «Thirsty for Packaging» Round 2

    For the first time in our more than 25-year history, we will enable direct contact between designers and specific companies in the industry. The aim is to enable an exchange of professional knowledge and talent that will result in real packaging solutions for the market.

    The designers will develop their prototypes from the August assignment until mid-September, when we will select the optimal solution together with the company.

    Are you interested in how young designers will stand up to this market challenge? Follow us further or contact us directly and become one of the companies that we will base our next packaging brief on


    Choosing the company that will deliver the packaging briefing is crucial for us. The right brief can open up the designers' thinking and deliver a really great solution to help us keep up with the needs of the market.

    (Un)traditional beer from the heart of Bohemia


    Clock started as homebrewers but now occupy old factory where their brew beer they would want to drink themselves.


    Trying to avoid the traditional image of breweries with medieval coats of arms, they instead present robots, colours and flavours that you won't want to leave after the first taste.


    Model Young Package is about inspiring stories. These start with talented designers who are given the opportunity to bring their ideas to life on assignment for real customers. Discover with us the talents who are designing exciting packaging this year.

    Namju Kim, Kyoungjin Lee, Hyeonjeong Lim

    Se Hyeon Won

    Jeonju, Republic of Korea

    The Fold up Pick up team is composed of Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule in Halle University students majoring in industrial design and communication design. They are a team that can create better synergy effects because they have different advantages such as visualization, creativity, and leadership. They have a great interest in sustainable design and have been working on it.


    Se Hyeon Won specializes in design inspired by literature, nature and culture. His diverse experience also allows him to work well with other professionals from other fields, such as engineers and managers. 


    Namju Kim is an industrial designer who mainly designs products, home accessories and CMF and strives to design with consumers in mind. She has experience working with various brands. She also has woodworking skills, so she can test more detailed and complete design products. 

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    Philipp Hainke

    Berlin, Germany

    After working in design studios in Sydney and Berlin he founded its own Studio in 2018 with a holistic approach to sustainable design and product development.


    He understands design as a process, not a result, which includes continuous observation and reflection, to generate real innovation. This process includes production techniques, materials, logistics and of course the human as its final user. His design unites the intersections of social, technical and ecological issues, therefore the packaging design was always a logic part of his product development.


    His work has been honored with several international awards, including the Green Concept Award, the Pure Talents Contest and the Salone Satellite Award.


    In a world of growing e-commerce and global logistics, this year's Model Young Package competition seamed to be an interesting and highly relevant challenge to engage with.


    Instagram @philipphainke

    Linkedin @philipphainke

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    Eduard Špička

    Vikýřovice, Czech Republic

    He studies the 2nd year of industrial design at the high school in Šumperk.


    He has been dedicated intensively to film for several years. The film is essential to his further direction. His vision is to connect film with design and remove their boundaries to a minimum.


    He cooperates with important organizations in both areas, which gives him new opportunities and inspiration for the future. He likes learning about modern and contemporary art.


    He joined the competition on his own initiative and hopes to motivate other students of the school in the years to come.

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    Samuel Bratko

    Nová Baňa, Slovakia

    Student of industrial design, mainly focused on transport. His design style is characterized by elegance, simplicity, minimalism and a touch of sporty appearance.


    From an early age, he was fascinated by the curves of cars, modern architecture, and his biggest dream was to have a car company with its own car design. Today, cars have been replaced by mountain bikes - his biggest hobby, and he is on his way to fulfill his childhood dream by building a company focused on upgrades and design customizations of bikes.


    However, his vision does not end with transport, cars and bicycles. He thinks that design is a way to bring good looks, creativity, style, timelessness, functionality and originality to the world. And it doesn't matter if it's huge buildings, cars, a table vase or a wine bottle packagingr. The mission is clear: to make the world admirable.

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    Rolf Weilenmann

    Sulz, Switzerland

    I live with my wife and our two children in Sulz. A small village near Winterthur in Switzerland. Currently i am employed as a packaging designer at Model AG.


    My career began with an apprenticeship as a packaging technologist. I spent most of my time learning how to produce packaging. After six years of working at a production machine, I was given the opportunity to switch to the design department. That was almost 18 years ago. Since then i have been designing packaging made of solid and corrugated cardboard for a wide variety of consumer goods and well-known brands such as Lindt, Nespresso, Wrigley's, Mars and many more.


    My work is exclusively related to the structural design and the technical aspects of the packaging. therefore, I always try to combine the customer's demands for the shape of the packaging with the production needs and the technical requirements regarding the supply chain in the simplest way possible.

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    Norman Drescher

    Cottbus, Germany

    Architect by training, he works in packaging design for more than 18 years. His experience on the whole cycle from the making to the use of packaging provides an perfect basis for mature solutions.


    In his position as consultant and special projects designer at Model Germany, his work combines creativity and practicality. Questioning und challenging the whole way we see packaging is his fundamental approach. The focus is on highlighting the product and a smooth user experience. Take for granted functional and economic aspects.


    Our natural environment and other fields of technology inspire his work. Clarity and simplicity with a great love for the details characterizes the best results.

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    Briefings for the prototype

    Briefing 1

    Omnichannel beverage packaging

    A packaging for retail / for transport, which can also be used as a postal packaging

    • It should come across as functional yet not stale
    • It should be quietly different from the conventional standard packaging. As long as the functionality does not fall by the wayside!
    • The packaging should be as innovative as the contents

    Briefing 2

    Multi part gift packaging and postal packaging

     Combination – a gift box and a matching shipping box

    • An unboxing WOW effect!
    • Fresh, Creative, not too much based on old traditions, something special as long as it can be erected, closed and reopened without separate study.
    • The gift boxes could be designed modularly so that different varieties can be shipped in the same shipping solution that can accommodate different amounts of packaging (A 4 can gift box, or a 6 can unit).



    Meet the judges who will evaluate the winning authors.

    Judge, Model Group

    Yücel Metin

    Head of Packaging Competence

    Judge, Clock

    Jiří Andrš

    Managing Director



    Judge, Clock

    Filip Kočí

    Sales Manager

    Need to get in touch?

    Contact us

    Do you wish to become a designer or company who creates briefing in next years? Please reach us at any time via the following email address: myp@modelgroup.com


    We look forward to hearing from you. 

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