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    #myvoicecounts - the results are here

    #myvoicecounts - the employee survey shows a high level of satisfaction and engagement!"

    A total of 709 employees from Switzerland and Eilenburg took part in the employee survey #meinestimmezählt, which corresponds to a high participation rate of 69%. Now the results are in - and even though there is room for improvement in several points, we can be happy about very good results overall!

    Our employees enjoy coming to work, appreciate the family and collegial interaction across departmental boundaries, experience a lot of freedom to make decisions and take action in their work, and recommend Model as a good employer to friends and family.

    These are the highlights of the statements from our employee survey:
    • 77% of employees agree with the statement that they feel satisfied at their workplace.
    • 67% of employees would recommend Model as a very good employer to their friends and family.
    • 80% of employees believe that our customers find our products and services excellent.

    Model "Great Place to Work for All"

    It was measured using the method of the "Great Place to Work for All" model: 

    • The basis of the model is trust between employees and managers, which includes credibility, respect, fairness, team spirit and pride.
    • Trust is complemented by the perception of lived values in the organisation.
    • Finally, the experienced quality of leadership is measured.

    If these dimensions are highly developed, this results in innovative strength and increased value creation. We have good values in almost all dimensions, also in comparison with various benchmarks - which fills us with joy and confirms us: We are on the right way!

    About Great Place to Work

    We believe that an excellent workplace culture based on trust, lived values and leadership is beneficial for all employees. Through an excellent workplace culture, the potential of each employee can be fully developed, innovation strengthened and value creation increased.

    With our expertise, we help organisations develop their workplace culture into an excellent workplace culture - creating a Great Place to Work® For All™.

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    Potential for improvement

    But what potential for improvement has also been identified? Where do we have potential?

    In general, these points were identified:

    • Communication - not all information and issues reach the staff.
    • Leadership competence - the increase of leadership competence and thus the continuation of the investment in our leaders was reported as important.
    • Salary and participation in success; celebrating success - on the one hand, we are still not successful enough in showing what benefits working at Model includes, on the other hand, we still have potential in this regard.
    • Fairness in promotions - here we still have to pay more attention to transparent processes and communication.

    What's next?

    The results are now analysed in depth in the individual departments in order to understand them and to discuss the departmental results with the employees. Additional department-specific measures can and should then be derived from this.

    But we have saved the best news for last: the total score of all results is bundled by Great Place to Work in the so-called "Trust Index". If a company achieves a sufficiently high score, it is visibly certified as a "Great Place to Work". And we have achieved this: Model's Trust Index is a high 70% - which distinguishes us as a certified "Great Place to Work"!

    It fills us with unbelievable joy that our employees give us such good feedback, which enables us to visibly communicate this to the outside world. Making it visible to the outside world how our employees feel about working for us will help us when recruiting future colleagues.

    We would like to thank all employees for taking part and for the great results - these are an incentive for us to consistently continue on the path we have chosen.

    More Informations needed or any Questions? Contact us.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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