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    Trezor Crypto Wallet

    Smooth and safe unboxing experience for crypto enthusiasts

    Discovering new horizons

    Trezor («Vault» in Czech) by SatoshiLabs is a pioneering hardware product in the cryptocurrency wallets industry. The company launched a fundraising campaign for the first hardware wallet of its kind on the market in 2013. A few years later, SatoshiLabs followed with the first production of «Trezor Model Ts» and gained a solid position as one of the most secure wallets in the world.

    After the initial contact, Model began developing and producing a packaging capable of combining premium design, reasonable costs, and sustainable production.

    The EXTRAS we value


    The soft-touch effect and precise processing of the packaging ensure the credibility of the product. A must for keeping valuable crypto savings offline.


    The white sliding sleeve prevents accidental opening of the package. The lid is neatly sealed with a magnetic mechanism. As a result, the users can enjoy an easy opening when their Trezor arrives.


    The touchscreen of the device is covered by a transparent window, which allows the user to catch a first glimpse of the crypto wallet. To be as efficient as possible and to reduce costs its production has been automated. 

    Product Packaging

    The project mission was to create packaging for the manufacturer's flagship product, the Trezor Model T.

    This while having a minimalist design, being ergonomically friendly and functional, and aiming to catch the customer's attention at first sight. Looking soft while being solid, that is the result. How? Simply, with a smart magnetic closure to allow the user to reuse the packaging and a subtle-robust design.

    What initially appeared to be a tough nut to crack was ultimately a complete success. Model had to tailor the solution with the possibility of upgrades and cost reductions at higher volumes while maintaining high quality.

    Achieving this goal enabled Model to strengthen collaboration not only on the design but the implementation of another product packaging. A model the client is currently finalizing for the market. 

    Contract Packaging

    A partnership that lasts

    «Of course, we are able to provide our capacities also for simple 1+1 packaging,» says Aleš Pudil, the Head of Co-Packing in the Czech Republic. 


    «But our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with our clients and to participate from the very beginning in the conception, development, and solution of new packaging and everything related to it. A great example is the packaging for SatoshiLabs.»

    Design, test, optimize, deliver

    Handled with Care


    Completion and custom specifications that require an individual approach, such as magnetic opening mechanism, have been implemented with the Co-Packing service. With continuous manual support and expert suggestions, the fourth generation of the packaging is in production.

    Stronger as a Group


    We were able to involve four teams within three locations in the Czech Republic - Nymburk, Hostinné, and Opava. This let us deliver refined solid board packaging with carton windowing and offset printing, transport corrugated board, and custom Co-Packing adjustments. Our capabilities allowed us to expand production according to the client's needs.

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