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    It‘s a Kind of Magic!

    This Advent season, we are making children's eyes shine with our handicraft kits.

    Every year, many of our locations use the Christmas season as an opportunity to surprise the surrounding kindergartens and retirement homes with small gifts. Because we believe that small gifts can have a big impact. You can find out how this works in the following. 


    If the founder of Western philosophy is right, then children are the greatest philosophers. Everything is new, exciting, unexpected. Nothing is self-evident. The division between important and unimportant that dominates the adult world does not yet exist. Everything is magical: the ladybird, a rainbow, one's own reflection in a puddle. And that is why a piece of cardboard with 5 corners is not just a piece of cardboard with 5 corners. But a star! And sometimes also, but with a few more corners: an ox, a donkey or a newborn in a manger!

    Amazement is a state that belongs above all to the friend of wisdom (philosopher), indeed there is no other beginning of philosophy than this.


    Happy Advent!

    Because we believe that the amazement of children's eyes is one of the most beautiful things in the world, we are once again gifting our popular crafting sets to various kindergartens this year. To turn cardboard into colorful stars and nativity figures. We have also given gifts to people in need and to retirement homes. By doing the latter, we have learned that creativity knows no age limit. 

    Well packed mail from the star express

    32 stars made of corrugated cardboard are waiting in Berka/Werra and Bad Bentheim to be decorated by children's hands. Whether they will be painted red, blue, patterned, with a smiley or without: children know best how to decorate their stars. That is why the crafting kit comes without any instructions. Where there is imagination, no user manual is needed!


    A magical winter wonderland

    Whether as window decorations or for decorating hanging Advent wreaths. The main thing for the children is to let their imagination run free and to transform their kindergarten rooms into a magical winder wonderland. 

    Šťastný advent!

    We in the Czech Republic also have a heart for young philosophers. This year, however, we are not letting the children become creative stargazers, but rather interior decorators of the most famous stable in the world history. We have gifted our Christmas crib with Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, an ox, and a donkey not only to kindergartens but also to orphanages, shelters for the homeless, and retirement homes. Let the painting begin!

    Two countries, one tradition

    Whether in Germany, the Czech Republic, or elsewhere in Europe - Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the Advent season. And this is the time of handicrafts. Preferably in a sustainable way. Because successful handicrafts do not require complicated plastic model kits, no batteries, and non-biodegradable packaging waste, which is the last thing our planet wants for the holidays. All you need to make children's eyes shine, is a little piece of cardboard. Because our little philosophers have three invaluable qualities to bring something to life: Curiosity, imagination, and a sense of wonder. 

    We wish all creative people, regardless of age, lots of fun re-enchanting the world!

    Lasting impressions

    Crafting-set handover at the children daycare center «DRK Kita Kaiserhof» in Bad Bentheim (Germany)

    Did you get inspired?

    Tell us more. We listen eagerly.

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