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    New challenge for MYP designers in Round 2

    For the first time in Model Young Package's history, we connect designers directly with a customer's briefing.

    New challenge for MYP designers in Round 2

    Following the annual Model Young Package competition, where we judge the best entries in the Unlimited and High School categories, we are, for the first time adding a second round.

    We believe that this challenge will further support the aim of the competition, which is to bring together talent and expertise in the packaging industry.

    Selected designers from the first round will be challenged to work with professional designers to develop their design solution to the specifications of a real client - the popular Clock Brewery from the Czech Republic.


    The challenge itself is summed up by the Managin Director of Clock Brewery, Jiří Andrš:

    "The brief is the answer to our transport/gift packaging needs for cans.

    The design that has the best chance of being implemented and used by our brewery is the one that fully meets the specified requirements:

    First and foremost, easy handling/logistics - high practicality and functionality, i.e. very good product protection, stackability, dimensional functionality (due to palletisation), easy handling and disassembly of the packaging after use.

    Other value-added features and benefits of the packaging are rated second."

    New challenge for the top designers

    Round 2

    Read more about the brief and journey to a new packaging solution for the beverage industry.

    Model Young Package

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