Jury Session of the Model Young Package 2022 Competition

Model Young Package jurors have chosen the best packaging prototypes for this year's topic «Food Is…»

Food Is...

Model Young Package (MYP), a competition for young designers and students, founded by Model Group in 1996, has been looking for the best food packaging this year. After receiving almost 300 hundred prototypes from all over the world, dedicated to innovative food packaging, a jury session was held to evaluate the best ones.

Winners with production potential

Last week, a jury of six, led by packaging design expert Jan Činčera, met to evaluate the submissions. The jurors are renowned people in the field of design and food. Jiří Pelcl, a leading designer and architect, represented the design community. Joen Svensson, packaging materials manager at LEGO Group, as well as Pavel Komůrka, packaging innovation and sustainability coordinator at Orkla Group, were present to represent our customers. Juliana Fischerová, journalist and chef known as a food expert under the name Maškrtnica, belongs to the jury too. Last but not least, Yücel Metin, who represented the Model Group in terms of packaging expertise.

To our great delight, most of the winners submitted packaging with production potential (which could be mass-produced after minor modifications). As a consequence, MYP exemplifies how we can benefit from this platform to develop not only new business relationships but also to deepen and intensify existing relationships, find new packaging solutions and finally work with extraordinary talents. Selected winners have the chance to complete their internships at one of our Packaging Competence Center (PCC) in order to finish their solution on a professional level, and develop their careers. A career that may take its course with us.

Wondering who created the best packaging and won the competition? You can find all the latest news about the competition on our website, MYP Facebook page, or MYP Instagram. The Award ceremony will take place on 17 October 2022 at CAMP in Prague.

All photos by Kuba Zeman (FB, IG)

About Model Young Package

Every year several hundred young talents take part in the internationally renowned Model Young Package competition. But «young» has nothing to do with age and rather means «vital, with a young spirit». Cause age does not matter – as anyone can submit an extraordinary idea.

The participants will show their insights into the packaging of the future by handing in their prototypes. Often such awards are a springboard for further careers: Some winners are even famous designers today at enterprises such as NASA, IKEA, or Electrolux.

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