Model Obaly a. s.

Nymburk (CZ)

Demanding functional and aesthetic requirements for transport and sales packaging made of corrugated board - Model Obaly a. s. in Nymburk provides the answer with its advantageous location in the vicinity of Prague, its state-of-the-art machines and the ideas sparked by its team of employees. Newly built in 1995, Model Obaly a. s. ensures the implementation of the optimal packaging solution. A poly joiner can be used to produce sophisticated two-piece corrugated board packaging. The hygiene certification facilitates the production of packaging for the highest demands, among others for the food industry.

Model Obaly a. s. is structured in a process-oriented way and is geared towards a fast, error-free and efficient processing of customer orders. When it comes to special products, the plant cooperates closely with other Model companies in the Czech Republic.

  • Packaging and displays made from corrugated board
  • Production capacity of 120 million m2 / year
  • Refined, two-piece corrugated board packaging thanks to poly joiners
  • Market regions: Bohemia, Southwest Poland, Germany

Copack Plus

We at Model Copack Plus do not only produce packaging, we of course also like to package your products directly with it. Copack Plus is the youngest member of the Model Group. The company is one of the largest co-packers in the Czech Republic and packs promotional and other products - mainly for international companies. We also offer logistics services as well as printing and distribution of campaign posters in various supermarkets. Copack Plus is process-oriented and geared towards fast, error-free and efficient processing of customer orders.

  • Logistics, printing and distribution of campaign posters
  • One of the largest co-packer companies in the Czech Republic
  • A wide range of services relating to co-packing
  • Market regions: Prague, international import customers


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