Model Kramp GmbH

Hanau (D)

Model Kramp GmbH in Hanau is equipped with state-of-the-art printing and finishing technologies and is one of Europe's most modern production plants for exclusive cosmetics and perfume packaging.

With the new building in the "Amerikafeld" industrial estate in Hanau, Model Kramp GmbH is setting high standards in terms of energy balance, climate protection and working environment. On a total area of 17,000 m2 the team has at its disposal 12,000 m2 of production area and warehouses with space for 5,000 pallets. The new domicile is air-conditioned exclusively by stored machine heat and a technically mature cooling system. Fossil energy sources can be completely dispensed with. At 72 kilograms per m2 per year, CO2 emissions can be reduced to one third compared with the previous location.

With the new building, Model Kramp has also implemented process and workflow structures according to lean principles. The focus is always on the ongoing optimisation and acceleration of processes from customer to customer. The new management structure, which places the team in the foreground, allows even highly complex customer projects to be implemented quickly and successfully.

  • Complete renouncement of fossil fuels
  • Highly refined cosmetics and perfume packaging made of solid board
  • State-of-the-art printing and finishing technologies

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Elisabeth Model
Elisabeth Model

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Michael Krapp
Michael Krapp


Bernhard Roth
Bernhard Roth



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