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    Model Young Package 2013

    Winning Concepts

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 605 million people over 60 live now on the Earth. Since 1980, their number has increased twice and by 2050 should exceed 2 billion, which will represent one-fifth of the total population of the planet population. At the same time, people over 80 will even quadruple. From the perspective of designers designing everyday objects, it is a great challenge and responsibility.

    Ageing brings to human life many changes. Deteriorating eyesight, hearing and fine motor skills lead to the fact that we gradually start meeting difficulties where we did not expect them before. The packaging designed for healthy and strong people become an impregnable fortress, with which we will have to struggle daily. Even trivial problems can lead to feelings of inferiority and partial isolation of seniors from the company. Who are today‘s seniors and how do they live? What makes the life harder for them and what do they miss?

    Design a packaging which will help seniors to overcome everyday difficulties and to facilitate their path to full-fledged and active old age.

    The participants should be sensitive to the principle of equal design and should realize that the packaging design only for the elderly, to some extent, supports their exclusion from society. In this spirit they should suggest packaging that will help seniors, but that will serve to other age groups, too.

    The designers should also think about the use of appropriate colors, typography, and of the proportionate size and materials.

    University students and young designers of up to 30 years of age

    Concepts by university students and designers of up to 30 years of age.

    High schools

    Concepts by students of secondary and tertiary schools from 15 years of age.

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    Model Young Package