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    Model AG wins the gold medal at EcoVadis

    As in the previous year, Model AG Switzerland was awarded a gold medal in the EcoVadis sustainability assessment. The assessment evaluates performance in the main areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

    What is EcoVadis?

    EcoVadis supports and monitors diverse supply chains with innovative sustainability technologies and expertise. Dozens of companies partner with EcoVadis to collaborate with a common platform, universal scorecard, benchmarks and tools to improve sustainability performance.

    The assessment of company data (360 Watch results, etc.) is analyzed and reviewed by an international team of sustainability experts, taking into account size, industry and geographic location.

    Elisabeth Model, COO Model Switzerland

    «The award is a symbol of our efforts to create sustainable solutions. It confirms that we are a responsible supplier for our customers.»

    How did Model finish?

    Model AG was rated as progressive with the rating:

    «Structured and proactive approach to sustainability. Commitments/guidelines and tangible measures in key areas with detailed implementation details.»

    We were able to demonstrate our environmental strengths with our CO2 greenhouse gas reduction targets. In addition, we were certified as having an advanced environmental management system.

    In the area of labor and human rights, we are slightly above the midfield.

    In the area of ethics, we were able to confirm our previous year's result with the help of training courses on the Code of Conduct conducted for all employees. «The award is a symbol of our efforts to create sustainable solutions. It confirms that we are a responsible supplier for our customers,» emphasizes Elisabeth Model, COO Model Switzerland.

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