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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    System operator (a)

    Control state-of-the-art machines in our huge production facility.

    As a system operator, you will have our machines fully under control. You will ensure that production runs smoothly and produces sturdy packaging.

    Our corrugated board machine is absolutely huge: it is 136 metres long and weighs 500 tonnes. Every day, we produce a carpet of cardboard 2.5 metres wide that would stretch from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva. As a system operator, you will work at the heart of this cutting-edge production.

    You will set up, operate, check and prepare machines, ensuring that they produce corrugated board for stylish packaging, and safe and secure shipping. This involves an extremely complex industrial process – and you will monitor its operation. You will understand the technology so well that you will be able to rectify problems yourself and deal with any maintenance issues.

    Fancy tightening some really big screws?

    What you offer

    • A sense of responsibility, because you will be working with valuable high-tech machines.
    • A love of technology, because you will be responsible for plant, machinery, and control systems on a daily basis.
    • An awareness of quality, because it’s important that the end products are always top quality.
    • Mathematical understanding, because you will be dealing with figures and technical drawings.
    • Physical fitness, because sometimes you’ll need a strong grip

    What we will give you

    • Induction days with all the new apprentices
    • Attractive apprenticeship salary, including performance bonuses
    • Six weeks’ holiday
    • Payment of costs for college supplies/training materials
    • Payment of travel costs to college
    • Contribution to costs for completing additional qualifications/courses
    • Contribution to costs for exam preparation courses
    • Annual apprentices’ event
    • Subsidised lunch in company canteen

    Apprenticeship information

    • Model AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland
    • Vocational college: Gewerbliche Berufsschule Chur (Chur Commercial and Vocational College)
    • Duration: Three years
    • Free apprenticeship places in 2025