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    Seller (a)

    Hold the reins in the office.

    Sellers are talented organisers and ensure that our stylish packaging can be produced and sold. You will procure material, handle the numbers and communicate with people.

    As a seller, you will be an all-rounder: you will work in the sales, production planning and control, human resources, purchasing and finance/controlling departments of our international company. You will then have lots of career options later on. Your work in the office will ensure that we are able to produce cardboard and develop and distribute our smart packaging.

    Sellers are the interface between the company and the outside world, so good communication is essential. You will be the contact and troubleshooter for colleagues, customers and suppliers. You will help with projects, check orders, deal with the mail and keep an eye on the numbers.

    Ready to organise your future now?

    What you offer

    • Good ability to learn new things, because you will be getting to know very different departments.
    • Social skills, because you will be working as part of a team and dealing with lots of different people.
    • Accuracy, because you will need to record numbers precisely and carefully.
    • A love of computer work, because most of your activities will be on the PC.
    • Foreign language skills, because you will be working in an international environment.

    What we will give you

    • Induction days with all the new apprentices
    • Attractive apprenticeship salary, including performance bonuses
    • Six weeks’ holiday
    • Payment of costs for college supplies/training materials
    • Payment of travel costs to college
    • Contribution to costs for completing additional qualifications/courses
    • Contribution to costs for exam preparation courses
    • Annual apprentices’ event
    • Subsidised lunch in company canteen

    Apprenticeship information

    • Model AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland
    • Vocational college: Bildungszentrum Wirtschaft Weinfelden
    • Duration: Three years
    • Free apprenticeship places