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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Print media practitioner (a)

    Create beautiful packaging and advertising displays with us.

    As a print media practitioner, you will help us to produce really beautiful packaging. You will deal with the practical handling of the modern printing, cutting, die-cutting and folding machines and monitor the results.

    Print media practitioners work in the heart of our modern production facilities. In your everyday work, you will actively assist others with the production of cardboard, shipping packaging and product packaging. You will change huge paper rolls, set up machines and pack finished samples and products.

    As a print media practitioner, you can work in one of six different areas: sheet-fed offset printing, web-fed offset printing, advertising technology, screen printing, cardboard manufacturing or packaging. With us, you will learn about the areas of cardboard manufacturing and packaging.

    Do you want to become a practitioner?

    What you offer

    • Technical understanding, because you will be operating production machines.
    • Practical dexterity, because you will be working a lot with your hands.
    • Team spirit, because you will be quick to help others.
    • Good physical condition, because you will need to be hands-on.

    What we will give you

    • Induction days with all the new apprentices
    • Attractive apprenticeship salary, including performance bonuses
    • Six weeks’ holiday
    • Payment of costs for college supplies/training materials
    • Payment of travel costs to college
    • Contribution to costs for completing additional qualifications/courses
    • Contribution to costs for exam preparation courses
    • Annual apprentices’ event
    • Subsidised lunch in company canteen

    Apprenticeship information

    • Model AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland
    • Vocational college: St Gallen Centre of Vocational Education and Training
    • Duration: Two years
    • Free apprenticeship places 2025