This gift packaging meets the zeitgeist

Attention to detail, sophisticated, sustainable: With the hummus gift packaging, our experts present a special gift packaging. It contains all the ingredients for the very personal snack ritual.

The packaging for the individual snack

A kit for connoisseurs from Model: Thought out down to the smallest detail, made of sturdy corrugated cardboard. This packaging surprises the recipient with delicious hummus – combined with crackers, olive oil and tahini.   


What makes gift wrapping special?

  • It even transports glass goods safely,

  • it presents the products in an appealing way,

  • it offers space for messages, instructions and brand claims,

  • the recipient can simply reuse them.

The special thing about hummus?

Its grandiose success story: First prepared in the 13th century, the specialty of pureed chickpeas today meets the taste of snack connoisseurs. In their design for this extraordinary gift packaging, our experts were also inspired by this year's Model Young Package competition: Under the heading Food Is... aspiring packaging designers from all over the world will present their designs for innovative packaging in October 2022.

Unboxing experience par excellence


The recipient opens the box with the practical tear-up strip.


The two halves of the box, called sleeves, slide apart.


The gift wrapping comes to light.

Hummus Gift Wrapping

Attention to detail

With that certain extra

Of course, at Model we offer you high-quality finishes with multi-color prints and gloss. But sometimes less is more: Our Hummus Gift Packaging impresses with minimalist graphics and restrained black and white printing – simple, stylish and every detail is in the right place. The practical preparation tips inside make this gift an all-round successful, extremely tasty experience.


More than «just» a box

What at first glance «only» looks like a white box turns out to be a technically highly sophisticated construction. Our experts took on the challenge of creating the optimal packaging for exactly these products. The hummus gift packaging can be individually adapted as an e-commerce solution, for example for a direct mail campaign or as a customer gift. It can be shipped absolutely safely – even with fragile products, such as the hummus glass.


Stable even with secondary use

After the recipient has opened the box with the tear thread, the gift packaging comes to light. If you want to reuse the packaging, it can simply be closed again with adhesive tape. Thanks to the special perforation of the tear thread, the packaging does not lose stability even with secondary use.

Our know-how for your packaging solution

At Model, we draw on extensive expertise to ensure the recyclability of packaging. Whether used for the first or third time, Model packaging can withstand the stresses of shipping and transport at all times. 

Our experienced packaging experts develop tailor-made solutions for you that meet the latest requirements for sustainability, user-friendliness and safety. We are happy to adapt the Hummus Gift Packaging and other precisely designed gift packaging for our customers.


Are you looking for the optimal packaging for your products?

Our experts will support you in this.

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