Closed paper cycle - optimum energy efficiency: State-of-the-art recycling of your waste paper and cardboard

We want your waste paper and cardboard! We offer you simple solutions for collection and recycling and thus provide you with ecological and economic advantages. We support you: Through the use of press containers or the development of overall disposal concepts to the financing of collection or processing plants.

Model services recycling

Model Recover We'll fetch your waste paper, because: Raw materials are essential and we aim to close the paper cycle!

  • 420,000 t of waste paper per year
  • Over 1,000 tons of paper per day
  • Departement store waste paper, mixed paper and punching scrap
  • Energy centre RENI
  • Turbo fluidised bed process
  • 41,000 t of fuels per year
  • 12.5 t of steam per hour

The prerequisite for the procurement of waste paper as the raw material for recycled fibre papers is a well-developed collection system in which waste paper is collected separately according to quality classes. High-quality paper waste from industry ends up in a different cycle than mixed household waste and is processed by us into new paper. Thanks to an innovative process in cooperation with the mill factory at the Weinfelden location, we have in the field of paper managed to integrate starch glue directly into the paper production via a pipeline. In this way we save hundreds of truck trips per year and thus effectively reduce CO² emissions.

Model Paper Cycle
A closed cycle
Model Services - Recycling - Paper Cycle

For us, climate-neutral packaging and sustainability are a permanent motivation for success. We look at energy optimisation in the overall context: waste prevention and intelligent packaging.

  • Process and energy optimisation
  • Efficient carbon management
  • CO2-neutral production
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Water-based printing inks
  • Food grade varnishes

The overall context of energy optimisation is considered through energy efficiency, resource conservation - in particular through papers from the recycling circuit or sustainable forestry - and through certified environmental and quality management systems. Closed paper cycles, waste avoidance through the development of intelligent packaging as well as process and energy optimisation in the production process are the basis for the production of climate-neutral packaging.

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