Looks. Behaviour. Language. Every human being leaves impressions in his environment.

For more than 130 years, we "Modelians" have been united not only by our name but above all by the joy of creating something new for the packaging industry. Our product range includes intelligent, innovative and high-quality packaging solutions made of solid and corrugated board, from simple transport packaging to highly refined praline and perfume boxes.

Regardless of whether we develop, print, punch, glue, refine, produce paper, pack, transport or recycle for you, in this order or even just a sub-step of it, your needs are always at the centre of our focus.

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Corporate Identity Manual The more pronounced the interaction, the clearer the overall picture.

Our hairstyle, our clothes, our shoes - all the things with which we present our personality - create a picture of us. In interaction with our behaviour and our language, this creates an overall picture. As with a human being, conclusions are drawn from the appearance, behaviour and language of every organisation: Appearance becomes corporate design, behaviour becomes corporate behaviour, language becomes corporate communication and, in summary, appearance becomes corporate identity.

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