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    September registration launch for Sweets in the Box

    The Model Young Package Design Competition launches 2024’s Theme of "Sweets in the Box"

    The 2024 theme

    Model Young Package – the globally acclaimed packaging design competition launches into 2024 with the tempting theme of "Sweets in the Box". Prepare to ignite your senses, spark innovation, and celebrate creativity with a total prize pool of € 28,000 to be won. Online registration for the Open Contest will open in September 2024.

    About Model Young Package

    Model Young Package (MYP) is organized by Model Group. The company with headquarters in Weinfelden, Switzerland is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of paper packaging and operates several innovation centres to encourage creative approaches. This led to the organisation of the first MYP in 1996. Since then, the competition has promoted the exchange between young talents and industry professionals, combining inspiring designs with smart concepts for practical applications.


    MYP is aimed at several age groups. For young participants, the competition can launch their careers, while established design professionals gain increased visibility in the industry. Furthermore, Model's industry partners reap the rewards of a diverse range of innovative packaging ideas.

    Interview on the topic

    Why "Sweets in the Box"?

    Yücel Metin, member of the MYP jury, on the reasons for this year's theme: "We all like sweets. Some maybe more than is good for them. Currently, there are many new trends and flavor combinations. Different approaches to make fair and almost healthy sweets. It's a good time to showcase and celebrate some of them."

    Beverages Model Young Package

    How does the contest work for the participants?

    MYP 2024 consists of two rounds:

    Round 1

    Open Contest

    Participants compete in the categories "High-School" (for students aged 15 and over) and "Unlimited" (for college/university students and designers without age restrictions). Everyone can choose between two briefings for sweets packaging provided by Model.
    Based on the selected briefing, participants create a prototype including a detailed description. The description will then be submitted online as a PDF document.

    The winners will be selected by a jury of design and industry experts. The public will also be able to vote for a special prize. The jury will select a shortlist from the submitted PDFs, which will subsequently be open for public Online Voting.

    Round 2

    Professional Challenge

    In the second round of the competition, the best designers from the Open Contest compete against selected top designers and implement a real customer’s briefing from Model's industry partner.

    The winners of the Professional Challenge will be selected by Model together with the industry partner.

    The grand finale will be a prestigious Award Ceremony attended by leading designers and managers in the sweets industry.

    How does MYP work for industry partners?

    Together with professionals from Model, the industry partner creates the customer’s briefing for the Professional Challenge. This collaboration ensures the relevance of the output while also paving the way for future cooperation in the production of the designed packaging.

    In 2023, the Czech Clock Brewery was pleased to receive a fantastic selection of unique packaging prototypes for its products.

    MYP 2023 – Client Session with the Clock Brewery

    Dive into the heart of creativity with our exclusive client cession featuring the Clock Brewery at MYP 2023. Watch industry experts sharing insights on how they evaluate selected submissions of 2023.


    • Ten winners will receive cash prizes with a total prize pool of € 28,000
    • All participant will be invited to the official Award Ceremony
    • Selected designers will get a chance to get an internship at Model

    Mark your Calendars

    The world of packaging has never been so exciting

    Become part of the success story!

    Ready to showcase your talent and be part of packaging design's next big thing? Join the Model Young Package contest this September 2024 and be a pioneer in shaping the future of packaging innovation. Learn all about the contest rules, prizes, and how to participate.

    Model Young Package