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    Sustainable packaging with a «wow effect»

    With the packaging solution for the cosmetics brand H24, Model and Gmund Papier succeeded in creating a unique innovation in the premium sector.

    A special packaging for a special fragrance

    The H24 fragrance by Hermès stands for the modern man on the move. Agile, lively, and in perfect symbiosis with his environment. Model Cardboard Hanau and Gmund Paper had the ambition to create a luxury box that reflects precisely this attitude to life. The result is a cosmetics packaging that perfectly combines the interplay of sustainability and premium quality. 

    Quality paper meets sustainability

    Pioneering spirit connects

    For the first time, Gmund Paper's Heidi Used White paper was used as a packaging material and especially developed for the brand H24. The innovative company based at Tegernsee in Bavaria has been developing quality paper for generations and is a true pioneer in the field of sustainable paper innovations.

    Managing Director Florian Kohler explains: «With Heidi Used White, we have created a paper that is unique in its properties. The paper consists of 100% recycled materials and is at the same time extremely pale and aesthetic. Such a combination is very extraordinary.» 

    Highly sophisticated printing techniques

    While Gmund Paper supplied the high-quality material for the packaging, Model Cardboard Hanau demonstrated its expertise in printing and producing the luxury boxes.

    «Due to its properties, printing on recycled paper is extremely demanding and requires the highest precision and expertise», explains Michael Krapp, Head of Sales at Model Cardboard Hanau. «One characteristic of recycled material is extreme roughness. Our challenge as Model is to ensure that the inks are rich and smooth despite the special nature of the paper.»

    High-quality inks were used for the printing. For example, sustainable varnish combinations were used to create the bright green of the letters. The result is a luxury box that combines sustainability and luxury quality.

    Setting new standards

    The successful realization of this highly demanding project is the result of the pioneering spirit and close cooperation between Model and Gmund Paper. 


    Florian Kohler describes the cooperation between the two companies: «We develop new packaging solutions together with joy and conviction, setting new limits of what is technically feasible.»


    Michael Krapp adds, «We look forward to continuing to develop new innovations together with Gmund Paper in the future.»

    Will your packaging become our next sustainability pioneer?

    We look forward to creating inspiring packaging with you. 

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