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    As a packaging service provider, we offer a full range of services from paper production to recycling. We handle design, testing, production, assembly, storage, delivery, and pickup.

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    Logistics – the Model transport and logistics optimization

    Model Logistics completes our value chain: delivering new packaging, collecting old ones, managing all routes and storage with our fleet.

    On behalf of your transport and logistics optimization

    When we deliver your new packaging, we take the old ones back with us. The synergies that are created from our entire value chain have one goal: To make your storage, transport and logistics processes as efficient as possible.

    We take care of all matters relating to stockpiling, warehousing, transport, picking and customs clearance, so that you can focus on the essentials. Like our packaging, we work professionally and quietly in the background.

    You can place individual orders with us or claim our holistic service. We synchronize our systems in such a way that the production, delivery and collection of packaging work automatically. We are happy to analyze your logistics processes and show the opportunities that could make them even more efficient.

    More efficiency for warehouse and transport logistics

    Optimize material flow with consignment warehouses

    In order to not fill your warehouse unnecessarily, we offer you the possibility of a consignment warehouse near you or in one of our trailers directly on your premises. You help yourself as required.

    Fewer steps thanks to commission warehouse

    On request, we not only deliver pure packaging but also individually commissioned. So you have the complete packing unit at hand with little effort and lose no time.

    Just in time and on the same day

    Our own fleet of vehicles and our well-connected logistics allow us to act quickly to your advantage. We help where we can. If necessary, even on the same day.

    For improved warehouse logistics and transport

    Vendor Management Inventory

    Fully automatic packaging delivery

    Based on your actual consumption and thanks to the linking of our databases, you will receive your packaging from us exactly when you need it. In doing so, we also take into account seasonal peaks and specific delivery times.

    Logistics and more

    A complete cycle of benefits

    As a packaging service provider, we can offer you a variety of services. From paper production to recycling – and every step in between. We design, test, produce, assemble, store, deliver and pick up again. Get to know us.

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