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    Optimizing packaging at QUNDIS: The logistics revolution with corrugated board

    The smart measuring devices from QUNDIS help to save energy. Thanks to cleverly optimized packaging, the company is now saving time, costs and CO2 itself. Find out how simple corrugated board supports a vision.

    Opportunities & visions: QUNDIS forges ahead

    QUNDIS and Model - two companies, one vision: to make the world a little bit more sustainable. The Erfurt-based company approached us with a request for CO2-saving packaging. We saw an opportunity to revolutionize the entire packaging process. A simple corrugated cardboard box now saves QUNDIS 40% in logistics costs and a lot of energy.

    The modern measurement technologies from QUNDIS help people throughout Europe to use energy responsibly. It is therefore only logical to optimize their own packaging in an environmentally conscious way. Model is exactly the right partner for this. We look, listen and find a solution off the beaten track.

    For QUNDIS packaging, this means one complete work process less, less film and more space on the factory floor.


    The task: Optimize packaging - green & simple

    Listening & understanding

    QUNDIS meets Model

    Our consultant Norman Drescher accompanied this assignment. Like all of us here at Model, he strives for sustainability. He also loves to rethink complex processes. Together with the Erfurt-based company, a completely new and very efficient packaging solution was created. And the best thing about it: the optimized packaging is 100% recyclable.

    Lots of potential

    The old process

    Packaging the heat cost allocators from QUNDIS was complicated. The devices had to be transported from production to the packaging line and fixed in place using shrink wrap. Many skilled workers were involved and a lot of space was needed on the factory floor - not to mention the CO2 footprint.

    Reduction as a gain

    Thinking outside the box

    Saving CO2 by using a different packaging material? That was too easy for our development team. Many hours and a lot of passion went into this project to maximize the effect of sustainability for QUNDIS. The result is an apparently simple packaging made of corrugated cardboard that saves QUNDIS money, time and a lot of CO2.




    The solution: corrugated board with an aha-effect

    QUNDIS now packs its measuring devices in a few simple steps using just two cardboard elements - a die-cut and an erecting form. When the erecting form is pressed into the die-cut, the new packaging unfolds automatically and is ready to be filled.

    This saves the company space on the factory floor and all processes associated with shrink technology. Because now packaging takes place directly in production! And if necessary, the entire process can be outsourced. If a package falls on the floor, it's no problem - the resiliently padded cardboard box reliably protects the heat cost allocators.

    With the reduced packaging design, QUNDIS already meets the new legal requirements before high licensing costs for plastic are incurred. The optimized packaging also offers six revolutionary advantages over the previous solution.

    100% recycled paper

    The new packaging is made from recycled paper and can be fully recycled again after use. This is Model's closed paper cycle.

    40% optimized logistics

    Thanks to the simple handling of the new packaging, QUNDIS saves time, material and space on the factory floor for each packaged measuring device.

    Lower C02 footprint

    The optimized packaging process, the obsolete shrink film and the corrugated cardboard made from recycled paper ensure a significantly reduced C02 footprint.

    Quality packaging

    When packing and unpacking, the quality of the new packaging can be felt with every movement. The packaging rounds off the high-quality product.

    More robust packaging

    The product is better protected against damage during transportation thanks to the improved drop protection provided by the resiliently padded outer carton.

    Less personnel expenses

    Staff who were once involved in the time-consuming packaging process are now free for other tasks.

    "Model always found creative solutions to our challenges. Above all, these were feasible and were supported until all process steps worked optimally."

    Larissa Tittel, Procument QUNDIS

    Sustainable alliance

    The partnership between QUNDIS and Model is an inspiring example of two companies with a shared vision as pioneers in the pursuit of sustainability. Together we were able to prove that even simple means often help to save a lot of CO2. For example, we were able to revolutionize the entire packaging process with optimized packaging.

    This collaboration shows that significant changes are possible through innovative approaches and a willingness to leave traditional paths.

    Do you want your packaging to start a revolution too?

    Tell us about your project and what you want to achieve with your packaging. Together we will find a way to get the most out of your packaging.

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