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    Winter bell cover

    Custom handwriting imprinted with embossing.

    In the run-up to Christmas we have prepared, with the help of the Innovation Center, packaging for a ceramic bell which should not be missing when we sit down for Christmas Eve dinner. To make the packaging special we used the method of blind embossing, also known as relief printing.


    Blind embossing is a method where the required pattern is imprinted into the base material. This creates a plastic 3D effect that you can feel. If it is desired to add other colour effects directly to a particular packaging whilst embossing, the method of hot embossing is used, combining high temperature and adhesive foil during the embossing process. 

    Blind embossing is used, for example, for manufacturersof chocolates and other confectionery, where we work with very detailed designs and create not only a visual but also a tactile experience for customers - imagine how the packaging of your favourite confectionery can excite you even before unwrapping it!

    Blind embossing is mostly used for highlighting logos or design patterns and in pharmacy to create Braille.

    About the packaging

    For safe storage of the fragile bell we used black paper and a basic construction made of smooth cardboard. It was in this construction that we applied the blind embossing method, which emphasises the Model logo.

    The bell is transported in corrugated cardboard packaging, so we combined the work of our colleagues in Opava and Moravské Budějovice plants and we arranged the final assembly by co-packing in Opava.

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    Winter bell cover

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