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    Christian Zanzotti: Meeting the chairman of the Model Young Package 2023 jury

    Dive into the fascinating story of Christian Zanzotti, chairman of the Model Young Package jury. This story tells of his inspiring thoughts on packaging design and his high expectations for the participants. A journey that leaves you hungry for more!

    Christian Zanzotti: A design pioneer in a class of his own

    Christian Zanzotti, born in Italy in 1985, is a respected industrial designer with a bold and forward-looking approach. After dropping out of civil engineering studies, he followed his passion for design and completed a degree in industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

    Zanzotti honed his skills through internships at renowned design firms such as Hannes Wettstein in Zurich and IDEO in Munich.

    In 2013, he established his own studio for product, furniture, and vehicle design in Munich, which quickly gained recognition for its exceptional work.

    As industrial designers, we support companies from a wide range of segments in the development of products. The corresponding packaging is usually also part of this.

    Christian Zanzotti

    Zanzotti has been honored with a variety of prestigious awards for his groundbreaking work. In 2014, he was named "Newcomer of the Year" by the German Design Council and received the prestigious German Design Award as well as the internationally renowned iF and Red Dot Design Awards.

    This makes him the perfect chairman for this year's Model Young Package jury.

    Model Young Package Jury session

    Under the chairmanship of Christian Zanzotti, The Model Young Package Awards jury has met to select the best submissions.


    Model Young Package

    Packaging design à la Zanzotti: Fresh, creative, pioneering

    For Zanzotti, packaging design is not a necessary evil in the context of product development - he views packaging as a product in its own way, always exploring new paths.


    Working closely with product and packaging manufacturers, Zanzotti transforms raw materials into packaging that combines efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.


    His goal is to create packaging that catches the senses, in order to leave a memorable impression - despite increasing ecological and economic demands.


    He also expects nothing less from the beverage packaging submitted for the Model Young Package Award 2023.

    When evaluating packaging, it's important for us to find that extra something, that spark of potential.

    Christian Zanzotti

    Ready for innovation: Zanzotti as jury chairman

    Zanzotti is firmly belives that packaging design has immense potential. That's why the evaluation of the submitted beverage packaging is particularly exciting for him:


    While aesthetics are still important in the evaluation, he emphasizes the importance of resource conservation and sustainability. After all, not everything that appears sustainable actually is.


    Zanzotti evaluates beverage packaging submissions for resource conservation, feasibility, and form. The goal is to discover packaging solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible.


    In this way, Zanzotti's critical eye ensures that only the most innovative and ecological beverage packaging has the chance to win the prestigious Model Young Package Award.

    Due to the technical requirements for a liquid that has to be transported, I evaluate beverage packaging as extremely challenging.

    Christian Zanzotti

    The best solutions for beverage producers

    What unites the jury chairman Christian Zanzotti and the Model Young Package Award 2023? The desire for creativity, innovation and magic. Talented young designers, Christian Zanzotti's expertise, and our experienced packaging developers collaborate to create exceptional and forward-looking beverage packaging.

    Not only the participants of the Model Young Package Awards benefit from this - all our customers receive the most innovative and best packaging solutions available on the market as a result.

    Therefore: Let yourself be inspired by the enthusiasm of the Model Young Package Award and take your beverage packaging to the next level.

    The world of packaging has never been more exciting

    Become part of the success story!

    Ready for innovative beverage packaging that makes your brand a success? Contact us now and let's shape the future of packaging design together.

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