Model Golden Swiss Matterhorn food packaging

Munz Golden Swiss Matterhorn

A piece of Switzerland - visible to the whole world - in a highly refined special packaging.

  • Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG, Flawil (CH)
  • Chocolate packaging especially for airport shops
  • Dispensing with plastic - sustainable cardboard outer packaging
  • Highly refined special packaging with a special look

With heart and dedication For over 150 years, Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG has been committed to a very special pleasure: chocolate.

They are passionate chocolatiers who delight young and old every day with sweet delicacies. In the production in Flawil (SG) Maestrani manufactures excellent chocolates and confectionery specialities of the brands Maestrani, Minor and Munz as well as private labels and promotional chocolate.

Mr Wilda, you differentiate strongly between your brands Maestrani, Minor and Munz. Can you tell us the most important features of each brand?

That's right. Each of our brands and the associated assortment have their own history and character. Minor is a strong brand that has been produced for 75 years with an unchanged recipe and has a loyal fan base. Munz with a wide and colourful range and a brightly coloured brand world appeals above all to families. Maestrani as a product brand exclusively comprises chocolate made from organic and fair-trade raw materials.

What is meant by the terms advertising chocolate and private labels?

Apart from our brands, we also manufacture products with own packaging for our customers. These are used for advertising purposes (advertising chocolate) or for resale via the customer's own channels (own brands).

With your brand Munz and its products you have a wide range of products at your disposal. From classic chocolate bars and Munz "PrĂ¼geli" (filled chocolate sticks) to Neapolitan wafers, ladybirds and the famous chocolate banana. Where do you place your new product "Golden Swiss Matterhorn"?

We produce about 150 articles under the Munz brand. As an outsider, you can actually easily lose track of things. However, we have clear product groups that cover specific customer needs. These are usually sold via different distribution channels. The new Munz Matterhorn is specifically designed for the travel retail channel, i.e. for airport shops.

How did the idea come about to make the Matterhorn the main element of the packaging?

The product is to be bought primarily by tourists and people who want to give a piece of Switzerland as a gift. What is more representative of Switzerland than the famous Swiss mountains and Swiss chocolate? Thus we have united two typical brand ambassadors for Switzerland.

How did Model PrimePac support you in developing and implementing the packaging?

The packaging was a challenge and we had to go through some development steps until everything was perfect. Our client consultant at Model PrimePac never lost his patience in all this and has always advised us competently. The solution-oriented cooperation geared to our needs was an important mosaic stone for the result we are seeing today.

Why did you choose Model PrimePac as your supplier?

Model PrimePac has been Maestrani's partner for many years when it comes to packaging of any kind. We appreciate that the company quickly anticipates innovations on the packaging market and communicates them to us as customers. What is also exciting for us is the range of products and services offered by the Model Group. From ordinary outer cartons to display solutions to highly refined special packaging, such as the Matterhorn, everything is possible.

Were there any other approaches regarding the packaging solution, other materials or designs? If so, why did you choose the implemented solution?

In the beginning we thought of a plastic outer packaging. However, this idea was rejected due to sustainability considerations and the limited possibilities with regard to pressure. Model's cardboard outer packaging best met our high visual and functional requirements.

Where can the product "Golden Swiss Matterhorn" be purchased?

The product is not available in the retail trade, as it was developed specifically for airport shops as mentioned above. It can already be purchased at Zurich Airport.

The current issue of our magazine Model box is entitled "Connection". We can be connected in many ways and with many things. What does Maestrani connect with?

Maestrani, for example, connects with tradition, quality and indulgence. The greatest sense of accomplishment for us is when our consumers connect special moments of indulgence with our products.

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From ordinary outer cartons to display solutions to highly refined special packaging, such as the Matterhorn, everything is possible.
Markus Wilda
Head of Marketing
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