Nowadays, companies’ actions are judged by how sustainable they are. The idea of ‘sustainability’ itself was born as far back as 1713, within the context of a national wood shortage. A managed approach to forestry was the norm by the time Model came into being in 1882, and the uncontrolled exploitation of our forests was a thing of the past.

As a result, sustainability is part of Model’s history. It is part of who we are, and it is part of our present. In our eyes, it’s not something that’s located in the future, even though we do set targets for it. We believe that being sustainable means being switched-on and alert, continuously making improvements, whether big or small – without being forced to. It’s something genuine and natural. The joy we gain from leveraging hidden potential puts a smile on our faces day in, day out, enriching our actions in a sustainable way.

Sustainability performance indicators
Quality - Copack Plus

Quality Our ambition: ‘You can use our products without second guessing.’

We think products can be used without second guessing if they strip down the amount of material used to the bare essentials. We think packaging can be used without second guessing if it is stable and protects its contents. It’s about using materials that are still food-grade even though they won’t end up in foodstuffs, with hygiene measures that meet or exceed international standards. Essentially, our products can be used without second guessing once we’ve managed to put your mind at rest, ensuring that they bring you joy, not concern. In short, our ambition is actually for you to be happy – second guess that!

Sustainability performance indicators
Environment - Forrest

Environment Our ambition: ‘Our actions have as little impact as possible on our environment.’

We do produce waste. But we always collect it, recycle it and turn it into new packaging so that our waste is environmentally friendly.

We always use recycled fibres wherever possible, playing our part in protecting our forests. If we can’t avoid using virgin fibres, we purchase them from FSC-certified sources. Illegal logging does not occur at any point in our supply chain, and damaging chemicals are not used at any stage, either. In terms of logistics, we avoid empty journeys and cut any unnecessary mileage. We use water in a circular fashion, with our paper factories having their own wastewater treatment plants.

Sustainability performance indicators
Employees Copack Plus

Employees Our ambition: ‘We protect each other, challenge each other and support each other.’

The Model Group doesn’t have employees: it has partners. We are home to strong individuals who forge connections by working together to create our vision and make it a reality. This unifying goal is the inspiration behind all our activities, and is our most precious asset. It turns our employees into partners, ensuring everyone takes personal responsibility for their own actions. We work responsibly, ensuring that we all learn from each other, protect each other, challenge each other and support each other, day in, day out.

Sustainability performance indicators
Supply Chain - Truck

Supply chain Our ambition: ‘Every single aspect of our supply chain is exemplary.’

The Model Group purchases goods from more than 1,800 carefully selected suppliers. We ensure that their products are high-quality goods that can be used without a second thought, but we also make sure that we share each other’s values. Confirming that every single aspect of our supply chain meets an exemplary set of requirements is central to our conditions of purchase.

These requirements include compliance with the EU’s ‘REACH’ chemicals regulation, all applicable environmental legislation, and the principles of anti-discrimination and anti-corruption. In addition, we expect suppliers to pay fair wages, respect human rights, adhere to standards for occupational health and safety, and much more besides.

Sustainability performance indicators