Electrical installer (a)

Read engineering blueprints and assemble fuse and electrical boxes.

As an electrical installer, you can read technical plans and install the necessary fuse and switch boxes. You install the connections for electricity, telephone or Internet and ensure the highest level of safety for electrical systems so that accidents or failures are prevented.

In our company you work in the paper mill area and get to know the assemblies and devices of the switching, control and distribution technology. You will manufacture spare parts, carry out measurements, check the condition and operation of electrical equipment and plant components and prepare reports and documentation. 

At our partner company, you will have customer contact with private individuals and install connections for electricity, telephone or Internet. Furthermore, you will lay protective pipes for cable installation during installation work in unfinished buildings and insert boxes for the installation of switching and control devices. During interior finishing work, you pull wires and cables into the protective pipes that have been laid and install switches and sockets.

Do you have power in the wires?


What you offer

  • Manual dexterity, because you will be laying pipes and handling tools. 
  • Fine motor skills because you will be making cable connections. 
  • Strong technical understanding because you will be reading blueprints and schematics.
  • Careful, accurate and responsible work ethic because you will be exposed to electricity.
  • Good manners because you will have customer contact with private individuals at our partner company.  

What we will give you

  • Induction days with all the new apprentices
  • Attractive apprenticeship salary, including performance bonuses
  • Six weeks’ holiday
  • Payment of costs for college supplies/training materials
  • Payment of travel costs to college
  • Contribution to costs for completing additional qualifications/courses
  • Contribution to costs for exam preparation courses
  • Annual apprentices’ event
  • Subsidised lunch in company canteen

Apprenticeship information

  • Model AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland
  • Vocational college: Bildungszentrum für Technik, Frauenfeld
  • Duration: Four years
  • Free apprenticeship places 2022